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Wallace: Toilet Paper, paper bags
Lewis: soft pom pom balls - goes bananas over these, stuffed mice
Marcellus: anything he can knock off to the floor, paper bags

All 3 have discovered the new toy for the day: The Cat Dancer. I never knew what that was and my son, who works at Petsmart, brought home
a Cat Dancer. Oh my gosh! All three cats love that! Wish I could have invented something that simple and made money! It's quite something. It is their new favorite for sure!
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my cat T.T. Cat has two toys in which he thinks they are his babies one is a toy duck that has velcrow on the back so you can refill it with these little bags of catnip, and th other on is a stuffed cow that i opened up the back and took a bit of stuffing out and put home grown cat nip in it then sewed it back up . both toys are about the size of my palm.
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Just out of interest, what is Da Bird? I don't think we have them in the U.K.? Correct me if I'm wrong!
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Fluffy hair scrunchies. He stores them in his food bowl and dips them in his water bowl before bringing them on the bed (ew) or bringing it to me to play fetch with (when he's ready to play fetch he brings it to me where ever I may be in the house). Hands down, his favorite. Doesn't matter which color, he stole the only one I owned two days after he got here and if there's one in my hair he tries to steal it, too, although he has several of his own. He's been here a month and I've already had to throw two, very drippy wet, covered in litter, and torn ones, away. Where the heck he got THAT fetish is a mystery.

One of those round things with the cardboard scratcher in the center and a ball in a track around it. LOVES it... recommend it highly for tv watchers with playful cats (it improves your programming if you put it in the floor in front of the TV). He bats at it and backs up so he can do the hiney-wiggle-hunt dance.

His scratching post/perch with what we call "taco mice" hanging from it. The mice are round pieces of carpet folded in half with fluff ball eyes and a leather strap tail which tethers them to the top of the post. To add interest, my hubby and I make a game of who can land the scrunchie on the top of it (during fetch of course), so we can watch him play "gopher" (poke his head up so he can see if it's up there).

He loves to hunt his brothers & sisters (birds), but those aren't toys so they don't count.
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Sakura's fav toys are
-fishing poll type toy
-laser pointers
-fuzzy rainbow crinkle ball
and of coarse if she cant find those its her tail
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Fluffy hair scrunchies. He stores them in his food bowl and dips them in his water bowl [ Our cat Cosmo hes 8 1/2 yrs old..and he too is a scrunchie stealer....always has always will be.... Takes them off my dresser..Opens my jewelybox...till I moved them. So now I buy big ones just for him ... he seems to be happy with that... And that water bowel...how strange ...he does it too... we thought he was just odd. but in fact.. it seems to be a cat thing..lol..]
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My little baby LOVES LOVES LOVES those miniature mice you can buy for 50 cents. Also - those little plastic doo-dads from milk cartons and her hangy door mouse. (Though apparently only in gray.)
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Nano's three favorite toys are:

Cat Dancer
a super cheap mouse toy that came in a random grab bag

(I've been looking for Da Bird but still haven't found it in a store.)
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Libby's favorite toys are:
Marty Mouse (a mouse named Marty, it said so on the package)
her lamb catnip toy
mom's Livestrong rubber bracelet
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Fritz's main interest right now is a leopard print fishing pole toy, that use to have feathers on it. He'll run/leap after it into the bathtub, kill it, and then drag it into the living room, drop it and leave it for me to pick it up and put it back into the bathroom. Right now, that is the only thing he likes...oh yeah...my head..at 3 in the morning!
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Originally Posted by Jessy
Just out of interest, what is Da Bird? I don't think we have them in the U.K.? Correct me if I'm wrong!
it's a cat toy, feathers on a wand that spin around!

you can order one here
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Kumal loves the little springy toys, crumpled paper and a wand with a feather at the end of it. He used to love the plastic circle with the ball inside, but he hasn't touched it in a few days.
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Newmans favor.... is a wade of wax paper... as soon as I tear off some...he comes a running... they also like ribbon...they both like to jump for it.
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Laser pointer - if I even pick it up Guin comes running as the keyring on it makes a noise so he knows that he is in for a fun game!

Ping pong balls - he loves batting them down the stairs.

Drinking straws - I think there is a couple of packets of them now lurking under the fridge where he has batted them under there and I can't be arsed to get them out!

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My girl loves anything on a string.. including the strings on my jacket, the fringe on my blankets and her pink piggy on a string. I watch her carefully with these things, but wow! can she get wound up .. she hisses as she chases 'em around the house (w/ me pulling.. !)
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Laser pointer, laser pointer, laser pointer. I swear I understand when Kiki says "get that crazy red dot out, I'm gonna get it for sure this time!".

Kiki: nuts (with the shell) and those plasic colored spiral toys.
Indy: my hair and fabric wiggled along the floor.

I buy toys like crazy, but they mostly get ignored for everyday household items that make a lot of noise.
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Nero seems to share that hair elastic fascination… He steals them from me and puts them in his food dish. I have gone through so many.

He also likes toilet paper rolls. He steals the role from the bathroom and rolls it down the stairs.

His other favorite toy is a giant bouncy ball… You can hear that hitting the walls at night. He doesn't seem to like other cat toys.

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The thick string from my sweatshirt has recently (in the last few days) become one of Cosmo's favorites... luckily I don't need it! I pulled it out, cut off the plastic tips and tied a big knot on one end and he goes CRAZY for the silly thing!
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laser pointer, turbo scratcher, and and those cheap little mice (the ones i was finding in the toilet!). i'm not sure if it counts but they also love their tree that i made them....they're forever playing together on it.
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Sally loves to pounce what ever moves under the covers, stealing Morris' mousey, and string. Morris' all time favrite is the little fuzzy mice for fetch, turkey feathers, and Sally's tail.
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I must add the laser pointer. I think she has figured out that mama is doing it, but she still chases it and tries to eat it.
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Any other replies?
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Just bumping this up again for any comments or suggestions that might help other people.
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#1 is a $1 mouse from PetSmart - her first toy in her new home (042105)
#2 - tinkerball
#3 - a catnip furry mouse that hangs from the doorknob on an elastic string.

she has more toys...but tires from them quickly...unless it is interactive.
She lost interest in the cat dancer in less than a week.
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My kitties love their white furry balls from PetCo.
They also go crazy over little furry toy mice...the white ones. White is easier to see on my dark carpet I think.
And for major exercise...their Cat Dancer.

Oh my gosh...I forgot Sadie's favorite toy, her laser pointer. She goes nuts when she chases it's light. Dexter does not pay any attention to it.
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Mine love their panic mouse. It's this little motorized wand with a furry ball on the end. Though, Lucy loves to play with her tail more than anything else.
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i'd say the things our cats like to play with the most are:

1. furry mice (the really cheap kind that come 12 to a package)
2. the laser pointer
3. cardboard boxes (they'll chew holes in them if the box isn't open yet)
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My girls love small, furry mice and feather wands. Anything else they stick their noses up at.
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feathers on a stick are the #1 in our house, followed closely by moving toes under bedsheets.
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Elliot: Puffballs used in crafting, balls of rabbit fur (bought at the vets for 99 cents each), anything with catnip

Aerowyn: Elliot, 1 dollar stuffed baby sock on a bouncy string, fingers.... (when I got her she was tinier than most kittens, and fit in the palms of my hands.. all the toys were too big for her so I stimulated her like her siblings would by playing with her with my hands. She doesnt bite either :P She will put your finger in her mouth and close her mouth on it, but then open again, only nibbling, and then lick you.... she doesnt use claws in play either. :P)

:P my cats play with silly things.

Elliot does NOT play with anything that is not a natural color.. unless it is not furry.. if you have a furry toy (rabbit fur) it must be grey/brown, white, or black, or natural color, or he wont play with it.. for example.. I have a red and a grey bunny colored rabbit fur balls.. I threw the grey one, he went after it .. I threw the red.. he looked at me.. I threw the grey again and he went after it..

he is not biased on cloth mice though, or yarn ones.. he loves any kind of those :P
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