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What are your cat's three favorite toys?

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Just what the subject line says!

It is always a surprise what cats find enjoyable. Recently I made a small donation to the local shelter and was given a complimentary grab bag prepared by Petsmart. I had forgotten about this bag but Nano just found it. She pulled out the cheap multi-colored stuffed mouse with a jingle bell on a string for its "tail" and laid this thing down on my keyboard. I tossed it across the room and the chase was on -- Nano vigorously wrestled with that toy for about fifteen minutes straight. Now she is taking a deep nap to recover.

What are your cat's three favorite toys for sake of fun and exercise?
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Rosies is the Cat Dancer Stephanie(Dawnofsierra) got them for christmas, along with a stuffed sack with a bell on the end that she carries downstairs, and a green and white ping pong ball.

Sophies is also the Cat dancer, which seems to love even more than Rosie, a mouse that squeeks every time they touch it which they got from Susie(Kittylover4ever), and any ball i through up the stairs.
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Scarlette like a whiffle ball, mice and toliet paper rolls!!!!
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Sierra loves her Cat Dancer, her Da Byrd, and her catnip teddy bear!It's not so much a toy, but she also loves her Boogie Mat!
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Alix's current 3 favorites are her Mr. Fish, her catnip lemon, and her furball frenzy...her idea of exercise is to reach out really fast with both paws, grab the toy, then wash it vigo rously
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furry mice
peacock feathers
and laser pointer.
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Originally Posted by stormy
furry mice
peacock feathers
and laser pointer.
ditto. Ebony loves the same three items!!!

she also LOVES the catdancer Ari (pinkdaisy) got her for xmas
and she loves her "purple snake" from Elizabeth (sashacat)

heck, Eb just LOVES toys...period.
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Mylar balls, laser pointer and feather bungee.
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Monte loves his Milar Ball, his little skunk toy and a Measuring Tape!
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All 4: cardboard box, cardboard panel, cardboard pipes (found inside paper rolls)
Skinny: ballpens, newspaper, and the above
QT: caught and live prey, newspaper,and the above
Wawa: neighbor's cat, QT, and the above
Joji: anything covered by bedsheets (including meowmy), and the above
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Zoey cat dancer , moms foot and anything that moves in the morning... ie moms hair...

Kandie cheap catnip triangle from Petsmart , bread ties and catnip dolls
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My two love the cat dancer, Da Bird (thanks Stephanie!) and furry mice... they also love the Kirby Sticks (thanks Pat for the suggestion) and Baylee loves to play with any piece of dirt/rock that she can find on the floor!
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For all four:

Barbie sparkle mice.
Mylar balls (Me at 4 am!)
Paper balls (of course, the cheap stuff)
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Based on this thread, I bought Nano a "Cat Dancer" and she is loving it.

Next up is the laser pointer...once I find out which box I packed it in and buy new batteries.
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Luna ~ Harassing Delilah, anything he can find in the trash that crinkles *rme*, his tail

Delilah ~ * scoffs what her play now lude * unless you include her escipades to get her drippy water

Shadow~ He BEst Buddy Geo, people under the covers, and her string tied high on the wall so she can jump for it

Geo~~ His Bestest Bud Shadow, any peice of lint ( he also goes GAGA over feathers that the bird throughs out of her cage *lol* ), Whole sheets of newspaper AHH the crinkles they are after me *lol*

Geeze it sounds like we have no toys *lol* .. * shakes my head* They have squishy foam balls, those plastic ones with the bells, mice, and one of those Crinkly butterfies/bats what ever they ares. They usually fight over the crinkly butterfly and then get so into play fighting with each other that they just do that instead... or they bat all the balls and mice under the stove or fridge or some other place they can't get them out of *lol*

they fall for the laser light some times not often ... SAmpson may he RIP our diggie LOVed playing with the lazer light *lol* he was a goober

Not to mention that the cats have been known to carry off small teddy bears or key chain dollies to play with. They are a roughty bunch i guess *lol*
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All of them: laser toy, sponge rubber balls
Lion - water dripping from the tap
Bear - catnip filled stuffed sacks
Tristan -dangling piece of leather lacing
Abbie - the stuffed ball hanging on the cat tree
Freija - crazy track

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Marsh's favorites are:


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In order of preference:

Sam - A shredded strip of paper, a hair elastic (I have to take those away from him), and coins (ditto on those, I am afraid he will swallow them). And he ignores anything purchased from the store that is called a cat toy.

Bailey - Laser pointer, cat dancer, sponge balls.

They both love their boogie mats, and they love catnip, Sam waits by his Turbo Scratcher (and he's the declawed cat, but has laid claim to that), and Bailey had a little carpet covered wood square with a pom pom on a spring that she wrestles with when it is covered in catnip.
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DeeDee likes:

1) A plush kitten (she carries it around like a baby)
2) Laser Pointer
3) Boogie Mat
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They all love the laser pointer, furry mice, and the feather-on-a-stick. Phoenix loves the rings from around the top of milk containers, and Buffy steals our ponytail holders (the kind w/no metal) every chance she gets. I found a pile of 6 or 7 of them behind the cat tree last week. Maybe she is part ferret?
And of course another favorite is the empty cardboard box or paper bag.
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All: each other, the cat trees, boxes, and mom/dad. By far they play with each other more than any single toy in the house.

Muddy: the pull chains on the ceiling fans (yes I have to hold him up for him to play)
Koko: pens or pencils and the ball track
Emily: Leather tipped wands or her catnip banana
Stumpy: Sam (the dog) or Spike (the other dog) in a pinch
Dakota and Sage: anything they drag out of the laundry pile
Pinky: undercover feet
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Limerick love these jingle plushy type mice. The runs around the appartment with them in his mounth and throws them. Also his teaser he jumps and runs and stalks.... it's really cute
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Milo loves the laser pointer, his red mouse - not sure what it is about that mouse but he'll chase it for hours, he even takes it in his carrier with him to the vet and stuff, and then every other toy that was ever invented (definitely can't narrow it down, so I'll just have to lump them all together )

Pixie likes the catnip sock, the mouse chase - that she hardly ever plays with, and occasionally the tassel toy. She doesn't play much though
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Lucy likes the catnip stuffed mouse I got her for Christmas one year.
Leo likes the laundry basket, or anything he can climb into. He doesn't like bags however, he got one caught on his collar once, and won't go near them.

They both like their little soccer balls. And of course, chasing each other.
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Pixel likes tissue paper footballs, soft sponge balls, & the laser mouse.

Cable likes everything! all the stuff Pixel likes, plus the cat dancer (actually, they both like that!), the cat dangly thing, lids to prescription pill bottles, little pieces of plastic - you name it! they are both batters, but Pixel also sometimes plays fetch! that's why she likes the soft balls - she can pick 'em up in her mouth.
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A piece of ribbon when I make it 'fly around' for her
A small bright red mouse which I tied a piece of string on to for her so she can bat it
My toes moving under the duvet!
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Rip off a small piece of paper, ball it up and throw -- Cosmo loves it!

Stuffed fish at the end of a toy fishing pole. He goes crazy for it.

A little furry thing, faux rabbit fur ball thingy that is at the end of an elastic string. Drop it over the edge of the bed and wiggle - watch him go nutso!
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Imogen likes paper--toilet rolls, old receipts, etc.

Beazy LOVES furry mice! She'll hunt and fetch them all day--batting them around and bringing them to you to throw. She gets very distressed when she bats them under something and can't reach them. Then we get very pointed, telepathic stares until the mouse is uncovered. She, too, likes paper balls--and tin foil balls! (We don't let her chew on the foil--just bat it around.)
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All three of the Raggies: Da bird (This can go on for hours, it has to be hidden when we're finished playing with it), cardboard boxes with holes cut in the sides to chase each other in and out of, helium balloons with dangly strings that float around the room
Mitz - one small, hard, hide mouse (No other mouse will do, he has about twelve but only likes THAT one and no one else is allowed to touch it, it gets hidden in his bed when not in use)
Jake - Marbles
Jazzie - pingpong balls, particularly if she can get you to sit at the foot of the stairs and throw them up for her to chase back down again
Vicket - shadows. ONLY shadows.
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my feet, my shoes and my hair...actual cat toys dont really interest them...
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