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no head butts

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What do you think? My Lewis is 7 months old and is the sweetest kitty. He loves to be cuddled, loves your attention, is active, happy, loves to play. We've had him for 3 months and he is totally at home here. There is just one thing I was wondering, do all cats do some sort of head butting or face marking? My other cats do this and every cat I know does this to some extent. Lewis never head butts, didn't think much of it figuring all cats are different, but now that I'm thinking about it, he never rubs us, but more than that, I never see him rub anything ever, whereas my other cats, rub everything and head butt big time. Is it because he's still a kitten, although my others did this at this age, or do some cats just not do this? He is totally comfortable here, I can't imagine a cat who thrives on laying on his back with his paws outstretched either sleeping this way or enjoying a long belly scratch and rub being uncomfortable here. All you have to do is look at this cat and he gets a sweet and purry. He is all nestled on my lap, cuddled on my arm and is purring away as I write. What do you think?
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I wouldn't worry about it. It could be he wasn't with mom long enough to be taught how to do this, but it isn't something to lose any sleep over-
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Rosie gives them when she wants a treat, but Sophie gives them all the time no matter what room i'm in.

Lewis certainly sounds happy enough though!
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My girlfriend's cat and that cat's littermate (a roommate's cat) will rub on things with their body but neither will do the head butt. I guess it is somewhat unusual but both cats are happily at ease. Since they are siblings, maybe (???) it is a mommy-kitten thing like hissy suggested.
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I had Merlin for four months before he did the head-butt thing with me. And it's not all that pleasant to have an 18 pound cat slam into your jaw at four in the morning. Give the little guy time. It might be that he has to discover it accidentally before he realizes how much he can torture you with it.
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Have only had my boy for 3 weeks, but he doesn't head butt either..
My question is:
He pats my face with his paw or he does an odd thing with his head when on my lap..He tucks his head into my elbow (so that he is looking down..head flush against my elbow).
If I stop petting him while in this position, he will reach up with a paw and remind me not to stop

Is that the same thing kind of thing?
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We've had Koko for over a year now, and he has never head-butted at all. He does the facial marking thing, but no headbutts. We just got Mojo last week, and he headbutts EVERYTHING. People, chairs, toys, he has tried to butt the bigger, older cats but they hiss at him, and when he headbutts Koko (youngest cat till now), Koko just looks at him like "what the heck are you doing that for?" Its the funniest look! Koko is by far the sweetest natured cat I've ever had. He loves everyone, even stranger kitties =) But no headbutts! I thought maybe it was a Siamese thing (lol), but I think the other poster is correct in that they didn't have a chance to learn it from mommycat.
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My brothers cat Alexander Kieth used to rub everything but then he got a another kitty (Jack Daniels) who turned out to be king of the castle. Alex stopped rubbing things. They figure its just because hes "lower ranked" in the pack and doesnt have the use of marking things as his own. Jack owns everything.

...and no my brother is not an alchoholic, he named them when he was in university
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