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Hi There! I'm Just Checking In...

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Well hello everyone! I've been gone quite a while... but I thought I'd check in again and see how you're all doing!

I've recently (November actually) adopted a new kitty! Her name is Chaos, and she's just absolutely precious... and lives up to her name. *grin* She was a feral kitten, and one of my co-workers almost ran her over with his patrol car. When he stepped out to see what it was that he had almost hit, he found Chaos slowly walking away from him. He said she seemed very scared and he thought he had actually hit her, so he picked her up and called me.

I rushed her to my vet, and they kept her all day long. She was only 3 weeks old then... and severely dehydrated and starving. After giving her plenty of liquids and some food, she came right around, and was quite the little monster... hence her name! She's doing GREAT now. She's got a pit bull puppy as her best buddy, and 5 guinea pigs she loves to watch. She doesn't quite get along with my other cat, Spawn, but they tolerate eachother.

Anyway, just thought I'd say 'Hi'!
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Hey Jin!

Sure is good to see an old friendly face!
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Hi Jin from the other side of the hills. Good to hear from you! So does this mean the police career is going well for you?
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Holy smokes girl! How the heck are you? How are the guinea pigs?
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Hey Deb! Good to 'see' you! You also, Heidi and MA too!!!

Oh, the police career is great. I absolutely LOVE my job. Never a dull moment!

The pigs are good. I lost three of them last year to various health issues... two of them were 'special needs' pigs, and lived longer than ever expected. It didn't make it any easier, though. I rescued two more and I've got five of the little darlings now.

What's going on here? My goodness I see a lot of 'new faces'!!

I'm going to have a LOT of reading to do in order to catch up!
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Hi! Long time no see! I wondered where you got lost at??? Are you working alot??
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I hope you do stick around! So nice to see you here!
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Hey jugen! Oh, yes, working TONS. I always manage to get overtime at the PD... the Chief jokes that he has to give everyone else orders to come in, but he has to order ME to go home! LOL It's true. I just about live there. I keep asking if I can apply for the new position opening up and still keep my current position. I'll just work 80 hours a week... what's the difference? *grin*
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Oh, and thanks, MA! It's good to be back. I missed you guys!
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welcome back Mischka & Linx send belly rubs to Chaos!
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