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kitty colony

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i know someone who has over 30 cats and has been shooting them with a be be gun to try to stop them from breeding i dont know where do go
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Contact this group:


Or/and these groups:



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i send them an email so... i will see what happens
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Wow, you really DO live in the sticks! That is a horrible thing, I hope they can help the cats in this home.
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Oh my gosh that's absloutley horrible, how can people be so cruel, call the police if no body else I guess
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i live out in country ity bity town.

his wife had altimers. and she cant remember alot anymore only thing that keeps her living is the cat colony. he is killing them to keep the population down mean and cruel granted. i just think if they did a tnr and the animals could not longer have babies. then he wouldnt be so inclined. i have called people before for various things and they will charge you money to take the animals i guy went to prision and had a crap load of animals and i called him in no one was feeding them. the police said call the humane society they were like that will be 70 dollars. i said the animals are gonna starve to death they said once they die will pick them up free of charge. grrrr. they dont care about animals out here. he's breaking no laws the mayor knows.
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