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Book thread

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Mary Annes post reminded me of a book thread that we used to have. We've got some new blood here so I thought it would be good to bring it back.

I'm getting ready to start 'Monster' by Jonathon Kellerman. Haven't cracked it yet but I will do that this weekend.

I like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, and others in that genre.
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I am also reading My Feudal Lord by Tehmi Durrani a true story about the horrors of a Pakistanian woman who married a political figure of Pakastan and he kept her in seclusion for 14 years!

I am also reading Hugger Mugger by Robert B. Parker about a serial killer in the race horse circuit and as already mentioned trying to read Black House
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Oh, I love books!!! I have tons and tons of them, and buy more each week! In fact, the owner of my local bookstore has a list of books that he orders off of each week for me. I, of course, don't have time to actually READ any of these books right now!

I just noticed (after a discussion with my bookstore guy) that my hardcover copy of "Cannery Row" (Steinbeck) is a first edition! I'm so excited!

Currently I am trying to read "The Hobbit" (Becasue I've never read it before! *GASP*!!), "The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe" (Because I really loved that book as a child!)and "Absolute Power" (by David Limbaugh). That's on top of all my schoolbooks that I try to stay current on.

Generally I like King, Koontz, Cook, and Sandford.
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If you haven't discovered yet, you should check it out. Just go to and then click books, type in the book you are looking for and find it for outrageously inexpensive prices, or just browse by author it is amazing!
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What, and put my bookstore guy out of a job? LOL!!

No, I hadn't heard of that site, but I definately will check it out!! Thanks for the heads up, hissy!
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Thread Starter is the bomb! :laughing:
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Before I was married, I used to read Danielle Steel books, and Mary Higgins Clark books. I also liked the romance books, too After getting married I quit reading for some reason. Danielle Steel has a few books out that sound good, though. I may just need to buy one! :tounge2:
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I absolutly HATE reading because I cannot keep my focus on it . . . until I read the book I am reading now. I never ever ever recommend books, but this one is soooo good and I get so involved in it that if someone walks in the room I get startled. It's called Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. It's sooooo good! It's about a boy telling us his mind after being terribly injured in WWI. I can't give away too much (except that this is not the book for someone who's stomach gets upset easily --- very gross and disturbing at many many points). (I have to read it for my WWI class, but I'm very glad I own it now!!!!!) Read it!!!
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I love to read anything by John Saul, Dean Koontz, John Grisham, and Robin Cook. I also loved the series by R.A. Salvatore ( I think that was the author) , the dark elf series about Drizzt. I'm going to re-read them soon Oh, I love Anne Rice too, especially the Mayfair Witches triology.

Currently I'm reading Shadows by John Saul and Merrick by Anne Rice. Next will be Fatal Cure by Robin Cook.
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Yesterday I was finally able to finish "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" by Dr. Seuss. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about the Zans who opens cans.

The book's overall message about "From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere" was intriguing and very true.
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What's next? Green Eggs and Ham? I do not like them Sam I am.......
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After a quick scan of some of the expiration dates in my refrigerator, I have discovered why my kids walk around grumbling "I do not like that Sam I am". And here I thought I was serving a thematic breakfast.

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I just read Danielle Steel's book "Journey". It was very good. I don't like all of her books, but there are some that are excellent.
I like Belva Plain and Fern Michaels also.

I don't care much for murder mysteries but I like Political intrique. I read a book every week and sometimes I hate for them to end.

My husband likes military books and he has so many that we ran out of book cases for them. He hates throwing anything out. I read a book at night instead of watching TV.

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OMG - Deb - hahaha :LOL:

Whitney - suggest to your husband to read Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo - it's great!!! Although I'm sure he's read it by now if he likes military books that much
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I love fantasy best. Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series. Anne McCaffrey Pern series. Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series. I also love all of the Harry Potter books
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BOOKS! oh yes please, nothing like a good book, i am a book nut and enjoy all sorts of writers and styles, especially classics like Jane Austen, the Bronte's, Wilkie Collins, joseph Conrad...but i love fantasy novels too, and am reading a long series by David Eddings at the moment, that i don`t mind being long becuase i hate a good book to end, i am also reading T S Eliot`s "old possum's book of practical cats" Yes i love poetry too) and a bit of Poe for good measure

Happy reading with a cat on your lap

Chee & Breeze
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I asked my husband about that book, "Johnny Got His Gun". He said not yet, but he said it sounds like one he would like. He mostly reads about Navy Seals and stories by Veterans but he likes all military stories, fiction and non fiction. He was in the Navy and that is his biggest interest: Aircraft Carriers, all the jets, helicopters, etc. Thanks for telling me about this book.

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Hey Chee, Looks like we have a lot in common!! I aslo love all the classics by Jane Austin and the Brontes!!! My most FAVE book of all time is Wuthering Heights....soooooo good!!! I also liked Tess of the D'Urbavilles (sp?!!!! doh!!)by Hardy...that was a bit long winded but great all the same!! The authors Im really into at the moment are Diane Pearson, and mostly Susan Howatch - I LOVE her books, at the moment Im on the third book (almost finished) of a 6 book series!!! I just can't wait to read them all but I know when I have read them I'll be bummed cos I won't have anymore to read!! (well actually I have about another 5 books of hers I haven't read yet so it should keep me going for a bit longer!!)

Ps Hubby is a "Military reader" too!! though he does like the occasional "Hannibal" and "Red dragon" kinda books!! eeew!!
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I loved red dragon!
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AP!! ha ha ha....Im too wimpy to read the whole thing...though I did sneak a few chapters while we were on holiday!!! What I read of it was pretty good...maybe I'll have to sneak the rest of the book too.... ha ha ha
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ooh yeah Bodlover, Wuthering Heights was one of my favs too. I adore Jane Austen though, and the worst thing is now that i have read them all there are no more!!! And with Emily Bronte it was worse, that was it! I have read Tess too, it is really good. I am sure i have read a Susan Howatch too, i know she is definately on my list of must you like Catherine Cooksen? I tend to go to the library and get way too many good books to read, and never have the time! Actually i did a post grad degree in English Lieterature, so i ws sort of able to read what i loved and call it study

Happy reading everyone

Chee & Breeze (who doesn`t read yet, but does like to sit in books)
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Hiya Chee, yup I do like Catherine Cookson!! To be honest though I haven't actually read that many of her books, I don't know why I haven't cos I loved the ones I have read!!! I think my fave one of hers is "The Cinder Path" and "The Glass Virgin" - If you want to get some Susan Howatch Books, have a look on Yahoo auctions!! - I go on a mjor book spree there every time I get paid!! Yipeee!!! Like you though, I have now run out of Susan Howatch books to read!! Doh!!
That degree sounds great! I always think about going in to proof reading - but knowing my luck I'd end up having to read really boring books and no good fictions!! ha ha ha....Hmmm Lets see, what about Virginia Andrews? - Shes great too, "Flowers in the Attic" was just brilliant..just couldn't put it down! Let me know if read any Susan Howatch! If you can't find any, I'd be happy to send ya a couple! (Just make sure you don't start with "Sins of the Fathers" - not one of her best at all....tut tut.....I'd start with "Penmarric" or "Cashelmara" - both are absolutely BRILLIANT!)
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Penmaric! That was the one i read, but it ws so long ago i don`t remember anything about it, i will get it out of the library, they have a lot of Susan Howatch. Yeah i love Cooksen, but i have not read any for a while, i can`t remember the last one i read. I loved doing my degree too, it was divided into four papers, and i took, Victorian, Romantic (poetry, i love that) New Zealand Literature, and Post Colonial, so i had a delicous vareity...of course the 5000 word essays, and presentations were required too

Happy reading

Chee & Breeze
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i just finished an absolute heartbreaking non-fictional book called "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer it's the first of 3 books in the series.

and am currently reading through Geralds Game by Stephen King

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Johnny Got His Gun is one of the greatest books I EVER it in high school- it is written in stream of consciousness which is completely how I write (ever noticed?). I just finished A Walk to Remember- sobbed like a baby- freaked my hubby out. I am reading Church of the Dead Girls now. In the midst as well of reading The Chronicles of Narnia (WOW!) Let's see...oh- my class and I just finished reading ON MY HONOR- great book for upper/middle grades kids. AP- I have read MONSTER- loved it- love him. I love the Kellerman's, Patterson, Grisham, name a few. I must admit though that I thoroughly love reading children's books- head over heels for Harry Potter, Nancy name it. If you ever need a rec. of a kids book- let me know!

DEB- How's that Dr. Seuss doing for ya? Is he your favorite children's author?
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Blue- by the way- that entire IT series is amazing..its like you want to read them all without moving! What a touching story
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I also read "A child called it" Very disturbing.... but I kinda wanted it to carry on a bit longer, found it kinda short....guess I ought to read the rest in the series eh!??!! haha

OMG Juicelyn!!! I used to LOVE Nancy Drew books when I was little!!! I used to collect them all!!! Was she cool or was she cool eh?!?!? hahaha (and she always got the guy.... typical... haha)
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