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Another orphaned gentlecat

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My dad passed away last week leaving his two feline-friends alone. One kitty was in such bad shape he had to be put to sleep. The second is a fine old gentleman named Hobbs. My two pre-teen kids, husband, 60 lb. dog and three cats would probably love to have another tail to chase, but at 16, with diabetes, dear old Hobbsy is a little freaked out. He sits under the futon in my office unless my son, husband or I am in here, then he'll come and sleep between the keyboard and the monitor. He is an indoor outdoor cat but hasn't ventured far outside yet. It has been a week and after one week of toal isolation I am leaving the office door open to the rest of the house. The other cats and dog are curious but not threatened. (It was interesting watching my 2-year old male meet him. They were about three feet apart and my Rascal turned his head far to the left to indicate a lack of aggression).

Guess what??? I am looking for a home where he might not have so much competition and commotion. The every-other day shots aren't such a big deal and he really is a love. I hold him and cuddle him and anytime I ask him for a kiss he looks at me and licks the tip of my nose--just twice!

I know it is a long-shot, but if you live in the Southern California area and know of someone who needs an elderly gentlecat such as Hobbs please let me know. I love him so it would have to be a really loving home.

Ms. Marnie
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You might also try posting this on the Petfinder boards

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