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Here's another game-

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This one is copied off a horse board and it it really going to town right now, so thought I would try it here. The object is to take a breed of cat- and then spelling it come up with cat related items to represent the next letter? Does that make sense? Here let me start:

the breed will be Persian

P= Purr
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E = eyes of golden flashes and copper beauty!
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R- rolling and playing and making us laugh.
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S- Silky fur to stroke
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Appears arrogant, although actually an amiable animal
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LOL That is the breed to a T...

N=Nibble (something they like to do to chins)
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Next breed~ SIAMESE

S= Slant eyed beauty stealing hearts.
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I = Intelligent
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A= Active cats
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M - meows that tell you everyting important in the world!
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E- Extremely vocal!
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S = sleek and elegant
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E - everyone's favorite pet here on TCS !

NOW - let's do a Tabby
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T - tame tigers
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A- adorable and affectionate!
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B = bouncing baby kittens
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B=beautiful creatures
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Y - Yarn is a favorite plaything

Let's do RAGDOLL
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R is for relaxed, when they go limp in your arms.
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is easy...
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G - GOOD at getting what they want!
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D= Darling delights dedicated to deliver devotion
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O - Ornamental - they look just gorgeous sitting so prim on your table top!! or of course..you could say..Ornate!!
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L L Lasting Love is what they give. Lets do "Munchkin" M is for Merry "little souls". . .
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U - Unbelievably entertaining, especially as they scoot around on those stumpy little legs!!
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n- nice and playful
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c = cuddly and cute
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H = Happy? Hairy? (okay, furry)

Actually, I thought CH = CHarming

I've never actually met a munchkin but I thought this deserved to get un-stuck . . .
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K - kindred spirits
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