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I created my cat page of Tigger. I've tried to get the pictures to upload but I keep getting some kind of error.
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I had the same problem downloading my cat Maya Linn. Send an e-mail to Anne and she can fix it. Welcome!
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I also had the same problem but, as Donna said Anne can help you.
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I don't want to be annoying, but I too had the same problem. So, if someone finds a solution, let me know. Thanks!
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The Cat Pages are an ASP application which can be a bit difficult at times - especially when the site is busy.

Usually what happens is that if it takes you more than 20 minutes to complete the whole process (including the pictures upload time - which can take a while) you get a message error.

Like Terri and Donna said, if you don't want to keep trying, you can always send me the pics by email to anne@thecatsite.com and I'll upload them for you using the administrator interface. Just don't forget to tell me the page number.

Thanks for making a cat page (or at least trying ) - don't worry, we'll get it online in no time.
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I emailed you the pictures..... I sent them thru another email (my home email). Also, I tried uploading one more time hoping I'd get luck & I get a message saying my page is under review?! Did it go thru mabye?
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Okay - it's all fixed now. You can see the page now here:

She's very very cute!!!

The page was under review but I don't know why - maybe because you logged-in again? Never mind, all's well that ends well
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She is SO precious. That face makes you want to squish it! I thought my 6 year old male Casey was the only one who has a fixation with straws! I can't leave a glass or cup around with a straw in it or it's on the floor.
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Okay - here's Pnuts' Clyde - ain't he handsome? He's exactly the same color as my Gezer, only with longer hair - georgeous!


Thanks Pnut and Tigger for sharing these wonderful cats with us! Would you like me to add these pages to your signatures here at the forums?
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Thanks so much Anne!! Yep, I'd like to have the signature...... that would be cool! Thanks, again!


Pnut is cute!! What breed is he?

[Edited by Tigger on 02-22-2001 at 11:49 AM]
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Clyde was found roaming around a subdivision of new homes at 4 months old with his 2 sisters and a brother (all adopted to different homes). He is a mixed bread. His brother looks similar, one of his sisters is a black and white bi-color and an other sister is actually short-haired (moms can be impregnated by more than one dad). I think that Clyde looks like a lot like a norwegian forest cat, but that is just my opinion.

Tigger is adorable. I bet your other cats are just jealous!
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Tigger is just beautiful! I love those spots. I'd have to kiss her spots. And Clyde looks like a ladies man. A handsome lil' guy!
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