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In my next life... I think I would like to return as a cat.

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So cute, Nice pics
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what a handsome furry he is! sweet pics!
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aw! Such a cute picture!!! What a life, huh? Must be nice!!!

What a beautiful home, too!
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SOMEONE'S living la vida dulce
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Awww! Sweet kitty!
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si si, ill come back as a cat next life too
ill hope to live in your nice comphy home
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Ooooh yeah, that's the life!!!
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How cute!!!

Frodo looks EXACTLY like Mika, white patches, markings & all!
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she looks so comfy
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Aww, how cute.
Nice pics.
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Don't you think that cats are almost a liquid?
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That picture makes me feel like stretching. What a lucky cat!
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Yes! That is definately the life!!! Lucky kitty!
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He looks so relaxed!
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