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Robberies and Tag units?

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The past 2 1/2 weeks, there have been 6 armed robberies at bars within a couple miles of the bar I work at, all by the same guy. The last one was Monday night, and only about 12 blocks away!

The police have talked to me, because all the robberies are done between 12 and 2 a.m....my shift.
So far nobody has been hurt, Thank God.

My question is, is anyone familiar with the TAG unit? Its a sensor they place in a stack of money, and if activated, it notifies 911, and then has a tracking device to help police locate it.

The police placed one in our register, and we were instructed not to move it, or even touch it as its supposed to be very sensitive and will call 911 if disturbed.
If robbed, I am supposed to remove the rubber band from the money, and squeeze the stack, then put it in whatever the robber wants me to.

Excuse me, but if I was a crook, and my vicrim took the time to remove a rubberband from a pile of cash, I would be very suspicious!
I mean, who the H*ll is gonna do that? Any sane person would be grabbing cash and just getting the whole thing over with as quickly as possible...right?

What if when I take off the band, the sensor falls on the floor and this guy freaks out?
I feel like I have a big fat target painted on my back right now!
Plus, we have a HUGE mirror behind the bar, and anyone can see your hands when they are in the register!

Anyone know about this unit, and if I could just drop the whole stack, band and all in the bag (or whatever) and still have it work?

I'm scared. :chicken:
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You are supposed to not touch it because it is so sensitive it will go off, but you have to activate it before you put it in a stack of money? If it was that sensitive, then wouldn't it just go off when it is moved, which is why you can't touch it? All I hope is you never have to find out, and maybe you can find something to put in front of the mirror so that it blocks off the view someone would have of you at the cash register, or move the register?
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what a situation. I don't envy you at all. If it were me I would probably just grab the stack, not bother taking off the rubberband, squeeze and put it in the bag. I've worked retail and it was common to have money rubberbanded in the register. I wouldn't think anything of it. but then I don't rob bars either.
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Well, tonight was another "robbery free" night...whew!

Hissy and AP, I had already decided not to remove the rubberband if in that situation, I just wanted to get an idea of anyone elses opinions.

After some thought, I think the police want us to remove the band to be sure the darn thing is activated, and warned us not to touch it to make us extra cautious not to set it off, and have them waste their time responding...but either way, the whole thing makes me nervous!

I have no idea which extreme is true, I really was tempted to poke at the darn stack just to see what happened! :LOL:

I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the grey area between the black and white they gave us.

Thanks for your feedback, hopefully I wont need to find out.
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