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Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear that she's feeling better!!

More get better Cosette vibes coming, and stay well Eponine vibes heading your way too!!
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Sending more vibes, til all is well!
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Oh poor little Cosette! I just saw this thread now, I'm so sorry the little sweetie is under the weather. Plenty of get well vibes going out to Cosette, and plenty of stay well vibes going out to Eponine!

Get well soon little one!
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This is wonderful news! Soon you'll feel 100% better, little Cosette!Stay well, Eponine!
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats

Sending more vibes, til all is well!

oh absolutely... until ALL is well. Sending really strong healthy vibes to you and your little ones. Get well completely, darling Cosette!
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Looking good Amy! Sending more ((((healthy vibes))))) until Cosettes sneezies go completely!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for further improvement.
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i'm so glad to hear she's doing better! i noticed your new signature in another thread, & wondered about that new cat... then i saw this one, so now i understand! Cosette is so lovely - are she & Eponine getting along okay?
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Yeah, it is sad to see such a little kitten sick. I had a five week old kitten, who has a non-serious type of herpes that causes eye infections, get sick with the eye infection so bad, that his eye was swollen shut, and he had a mild URI, and he came through great, so I know little Cosette will! Nevertheless, I'll say a prayer for the little gal. Good luck!
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hooray!!! I'm so glad to hear that Cosette is feeling better!!!
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I'm happy to report the recovery keeps getting better and better. Yesterday, she played from about 4:30 until 9:30 before zonking out on Bradley's leg Her nose is still runny and she still has a bit of a sneeze/sniffle, but her kittenish energy is back, as well as her appetite.
Laureen- Eponine and Cosette are still getting used to each other. Poor Cosette just wants to play with Eponine, but Eponine swats at her and hisses any time she comes near. I do have hopes that that will settle down soon.
Cassie- yes it is scary when such an itty bitty baby gets sick; I've never been so worried.
Thank you ALL for your good vibes- that must've been what did it and I am so grateful to all of you hugs:
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So glad she's doing better!
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