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Cosette is sick- vibes appreciated

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Hi y'all,
Well, Cosette and I just got back from thet vet (kittens from the Humane Society have to be checked by a vet within 10 days of adoption). Thank GOD we had an appointment for today.
She'd been sneezing the past couple of days and today she had less energy and runny eyes. Well, she has a URI. Not a huge deal in older cats, but it is sad to see such a small kitten (she's only 7 wks. old) sick. She even has a fever. The vet says that a lot of kittens coming out of the Humane Society this time of year have colds and that this is normal. She's on some medicine that I give her twice a day with a dropper and should be fine in a few days. Unfortunately, Eponine is likely to come down with a URI any day now as well
If y'all can sprae any get well vibes for my little girl and some "stay well" vibes for my big girl, I'd really appreciate it
Thanks for listening to my rambling.
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You got it, a bunch of good "stay well" vibes being sent your way for both them and you.
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Awww, poor baby Cosette. Lot's of get better vibes heading her way. And stay well vibes headed Eponine's way too!
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Aw... I'm sorry. Sending get better vibes your way!!!
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aww get well soon sweety cosette!
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Good job you caught it quickly. I am sure they will both be fine soon.
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Aww Amy - poor little Cosette. Sending lots of hugs and scritches to help her feel better.

Let's hope that Eponine is old enough to fight off the bugs without getting too sick.

Lots of hugs to you whilst you nurse your babies
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So sorry to hear that about poor Cossette My best wishes for her Amy... she have my prayers
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Thank you so much everyone Cosette is sitting in my lap right now (the vet clipped her claws this morning, so she isn't able to climb up onto my shoulder as usual, lol) and she says thank you for the good vibes If Eponine were not so upset at me for bringing "HER" home, she would say thank you as well
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Hugs for you and belly rubs for cosette! prayers being sent
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sending get well vibes out to you now!
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aw!!! Poor little thing! I pray that little Cosette gets better very soon!!! Hang in there, Cosette!!!
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Oh, Amy! Poor little Cosette! I prayed for her as soon as I read the heading to this thread! Prayers for Eponine too!
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awwwwwwww, poor baby. we are all sending baby cosette and eponine vibes as well. Get well soon!
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get well soon little one and dont get you big sis sick
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Thank you everyone As of 1:20pm today, Eponine is sneeze-free. Poor little Cosette just doesn't want to leave my lap.
We did have a funny incident though. I gave Eponine her favorite wet food, but put it up for a minute (to keep Cosette out of Eppie's food) while I prepared Cosette's wet kitten food. Well, I hear a loud BAM and there Cosette was, covered in wet food after knocking Eponine's food bowl down. Needless to say, Cosette was hungry and gulped down a good bit of her wet food, so I take that as a pretty good sign
Her little face looks so pitiful though and I keep wrapping her in a blanket b/c I'm afraid of how cold she must be being so tiny and feverish
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Awwwwww the poor baby! I'm pleased she got seen to when she did though! Keep her warm and snuggly and give her lots of head kisses from me.

Sending (((((Mega Get Well Cosette vibes))))) for her, and I hope Eponine is ok also
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Thank you y'all Trust me, I have not let Cosette out of my eyesight all day (or, more correctly, she has not left my lap/shoulder all day!). My poor little girl
Susan, I'll tell Cosette that her adult twin, Sophie, is wishing her well. That just may do the trick!
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Good vibes for you both
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Hope your little one gets better soon. I adopted one from the humane society a couple years ago and he had a URI that lasted for months! Hopefully yours will be better soon. Are you in Savannah? There is a cat only Vet there that is so wonderful. I started taking my cats to her last year and she and her staff are so nice.
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Your poor little girls. I have this vision of two sneezing cats with thermometers in their mouths and wads of used tissues scattered around looking pitiful. Hope everyone is better soon!
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Awww, poor little girl Sending good health vibes to her and stay well vibes to Eponine
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Sending lots of good vibes your way and I hope she gets better soon. its always horrible to see any pet poorly but especially ones that are so young. Wghen we first got our kitty Molly she was so very poorly she nearly died and i was with her night and day and she would not leave my chest. thats the only place she wanted to be...so i know how hard it is for you and your little kitty.

I am here if you ever need to talk, Hope she gets better very soon

Eva xxx
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Get well soon sweet Cosette!
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Sending get well wishes and vibes from me and the gang!
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Thank you SO MUCH for sending all of these heartfelt vibes our way. The kitties are so appreciative Cosette hasn't wanted to leave my chest or shoulder all day. I had to go out for an hour and when I got home, she was sleeping in her bed, so she's at least getting SOME sleep. This sounds goofy, but I've been reading your messages aloud to her and Eponine- anything to help my baby girl and to keep my other lady healthy. So thank you so much everyone- all of you are such genuine, sincere, caring people and I love every one of you!
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Amy keep a close eye on her to make sure she's drinking ok?!.
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Poor little Cosette! Sending lots of hugs, scritches and "get well soon" vibes!!!
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Hi y'all,
Well, I'm happy to report that it looks like Cosette is on the road to recovery!
She is more energetic and her eyes are much less runny. She is still sneezing, though less than yesterday. She's been eating (unfortunately, she's been eating Eponine's dry food, but I'm just happy she's eating!) and drinking tons of water from the FreshFlow fountain.
So far, Eponine has shown no signs of being sick. Still got my fingers crossed on that one.
Anyway, thank you EVERYONE for your great vibes- looks like they're working!!!
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