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Stinky disposal???

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I can't tell if we have a sour smell coming from the dishwasher or the garbage disposal. Is it O.K. to run bleach through both? I know it's a stupid question, but I've not had a stinky dishwasher or disposal. It's probably my fault for throwing cat food down the disposal.
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use some pine cleaner and the put some orange peel in the disposal, the dishwasher I think they have stuff for those, I know they ,ake things for the disposal also
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first take a small jar and break it into small pieces. Feed one or two of the small pieces down the garbage disposal (sharpens the blades) and throw the rest away. You don't want a lot of glass down there. Then take several lemons, slice them and put those down the disposal.
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Wear safety goggles.. and don't cut yourself either! Eeep!!
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That's why I said small pieces. Run the water and step back you should be fine..
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Great suggestions. I think I have a small baby food jar somewhere I can crack up. Thank you
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Hmm - I've never heard of the "jar solution". You learn something new every day. I usually gradually dump a box of baking soda down the disposal, or take the bottom of the dishwasher apart and clean the fine sieve in baking soda and water.
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Using lemons is what I've always heard and used for garbage disposals!
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Don't have a disposal (don't even have a kitchen right now ) - so don't know what to do for a stinky one. advice but hope you get it sorted soon!!
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we used to have one in melb and my mum used to run bleach through it? and then she bought these tables just for the stiky thing
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My wife and I use ice cubes followed by orange peels for grog. The dishwasher should have instructions for cleaning the screen and such
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Whenever I change the refrigerator box of baking soda, I toss it down the disposal.
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I had that problem recently, too. I ran hot water, poured bleach down, let the bleach sit for a couple of hours, then ran more hot water through. Worked like a charm
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I use lemons in the disposal and vinegar in the like a charm
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Wal-Mart also sells a product called Disposer Care. You toss this packet down the disposer in running water and turn on the unit. It foams up all blue for several minutes and then washes away. Cleans the heck out of the disposer.
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Really? I might send DH out to look for it. He won't let me put glass down it and I don't have any lemons/oranges to toss down it. I have tried letting the bleach soak with no luck. Thank you everyone!
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lemons (lime, orange) and ice cubes
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