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Hello we're new!

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Kitou, Minou and Joe

We came looking for advice on how to live eachother easily.
Minou's 12, Kitou's 8 weeks old.

They're still getting along, but Minou is a little stressful over the new addition, he surprises me, but Kitou's just as skillful a hunter as his big brother.

Little kid won't leave the oldest alone, and it's always to play fight.

Well Ask more details because I don't know what else to say

Joe, Minou and Kitou
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Welome!!!!!!! I'm sure you'll find lots of good info here, and you'll soon be addicted!!!!!!!!!! :blubturq:
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Teach your babes to use the computer and then all their kitty kat questions will be answered! They will visit here all the time and then you will have fur all over the mouse and screen!
Welcome to TCS. We just love new members!!
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Welcome to you!!!!
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Welcome to the site! I hope you are getting all the help you need in the behavior forum!
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Hi it's nice to see you join us Happy Posting!

Love & Peace,
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Welcome to the site. I hope you have as good a time as do.

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When i saw your nick name i guessed you were from these parts We call our baby cat "minou" all the time because my husbad is french, so our cat is by-lingual actually tri-lingual if you count cat?

anyway, welcome to the cat site, it is a lot of fun, i have not been here long myself, but i am allready addicted and love it, and i am sure you will have a lovely time here.

Chee & Breeze
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Did you put the two together right away? Or did you seperate them first for awhile? Sounds like you are already in the behaviour forum so I know you are getting help there. I'll just say welcome to the board then.
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Yes I did have them together within 3-4 days, but lotsocats seems to say some very smart stuff in there

I'm in Ontario Canada, bilingual too, and my cats are thought french and english commands..

I have Minou do Give-Me 5 for a treat, so cute.. if he has a claw out when doing it, I say ouch and he tries again more gently, so smart and prideful.

My lil' Kitou seems to have trouble finding a litter box lol
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Hi there Kitounminou :angel2:

That sounds so cute! I wish you'd get a pic of Minou doing that! :laughing2

Maybe another litterbox for lil' Kitou will help
I have three using two litter boxes, but I clean them out diligently! Like about 3x a day! Gosh, I need to too!!! Or I'd go :LOL:

See ya later

Love & Peace,
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You're in luck! Unfortuntely, try taking a polaroid with one hand and give-me fiving with another LOL But you kind of see it.. enjoy!
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Awwwww...Kitounminou :laughing2...how precious! :laughing2...How long did it take you to teach him that? That's so adorable!

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