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New to forum, wanted to say 'Hi'!

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Hello. I'm Jin, and I have a beautiful domestic longhair cat named Spawn. Spawn got her name because we were pretty sure she was the Spawn of Satan when she was a kitten... incessantly clawing, biting, and attacking any moving object that got too close to her. Now she is 2 years old, and much more lovable.

Spawn's favorite toy is our Rottweiler, Billie. It is hillarious to watch them chase eachother around the house, and then to see them later sleeping all curled up together.

Spawn's favorite pass-time is watching our guinea pig, Geep, play in her cage. Spawn would LOVE to meet Geep without a cage in the way. Unfortunately, Geep thinks Spawn is just a big black and white guinea pig, and probably wouldn't even try to run away until it was too late...

Anyway, I thought I would introduce myself and the illustrious Spawn!
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:laughing2: when I first read your name, I thought you were introducing yourself and your children! :laughing2:
Well, I guess in a way, you were!
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Hi there! Welcome to the site! You'll love it here! If you ever have a problem with your kitty, these people know what they're talking about!! I hope to see you posting often
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Welcome to TCS!
I look forward to hering more and more about your kitty antics!
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Welcome Jin ,

I notice you are from Colorado, I just love Colorado - it's gorgeous.

I used to have a Rottweiler named Daisey, she lives with my parents now, and her and my cat Toonces were so funny together. She would pin Toonces under her arm and "clean" her head. When the slobber would dry Toonces would have a kitty mohawk!
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Welcome to you!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you have joined us!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I already feel a part of the forums. What a great bunch you all are. (Have I buttered you all up enough yet? I could go on...)
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welcome Jim and Spawn, lovely to meet you, and to hear all about you, I am sure that your Geep is safer where he is too Actually our landlords have a wee wee wee dog, it is a toy poodle, and our Breeze (kitty) takes the "Toy" quite literally, it is about the size of a guenia Pig, and lives in terror of our cat grabbing it and chewing on it

anyway, lovely to meet you and no doubt you will be addicted to this site very soon

Chee & Breeze
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