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we have a new addition

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last night we got a new cat, he's a persian and he's 7 months old, we got him off a friend who could no longer look after him, due to personal reasons, he seems to have settled down a bit, but socks isint to happy, keeps hissing etc at him, simba (the dog) is scared of him, she wont go anywhere near him, so i'll be asking for some tips etc on how to go about all this.

i'll post pics of him as soon as i get the digi cam out of bfs car
he's white with a grey face, tail and paws
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awwww, congrats on your new furbaby! I can't wait to see pictures. I am sure once everything is settled your three will be the best of friends.
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Carrie! I`m super glad for you, Woaw Socks finally have a partner!!!!

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Congrats! Your not keeping them seperate and using the tips posted all over TCS on how to introduce them? *gasp* *scold*

I don't have the links handy though but they mention keeping the animals apart for at least a week and doing various things to introduce them slowly. If you have bad results then you are supposed to go back and start all over again
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They should be kept separate until the new cat has been to the vet at the very least and pronounced healthy. They are understandably upset because you have introduced a new smell into a house that until now had balance and harmony. Keeping them separate until they can work it out is always best. But since you have just put them together and you don't have any bloodshed, they will more than likely work this out on their own terms. I just hope you new kitty isn't carrying something that will make your other cat ill.
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Oh Carrie he sounds adorable!!

But yes like MA said keep them apart until he's been checked, but also to get him used to his new home along with socks and Simba.

I was ok with Sophie because she came straight from a vets surgery where she had already been checked over for everything.
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awww, youre all getting new babies, its the second round!
i wonder when my time will come..
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Congratulations Carrie I cannot wait to see pictures of your furry bundle of fluff!
I'm in a similar situation- just brought home a little kitten last week and my resident kitty is having a hard time adjusting. I've so far kept them separated and only let them interact when I can supervise them. So far, it's going better than I though. Eponine will whine and hiss, but no physical contact as of yet, so I'm optimistic.
GOOD LUCK with the kitties and dog and keep us updated!
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Awww, cungratulations!!! I can't wait to see pictures. What's your new baby's name?
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awww he sounds so cute, whats his name? I can't wait to see some photo's of the gorgeous little kitty.

congrats on your new addition and I am sure in time the other two will get used to the new kitty.

Eva x
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thanks everyone for your responses, i have called him sky, because he has sky blue eyes.
naughty me i actully forgot the tips on keeping them apart, i shall do this tonight, im taking him straight the vets on monday, though i do know he is healthy because he had a vet check 1 month ago and had vaccinations etc.
his fur underneath is in quite a state though, all matted and clumped theres no way i can get it out, thinking maybe he might need to be shaved?!
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Congrats Carrie, I can't wait to see pics. I like the name sky, that's pretty.
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