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Packing Antics!

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I swear they packed their toybox all by themselves. they didn't however realize tht when we said "kits, we're moving!" that it would be so long between that day and the actual time that we were going to move. So, they've been living out of the box they put their box in. (Cheifly Gibby, really, he shoved it off the all carrier into the conveniently placed box.)

"MOOOM! Have you seen my bouncy ball?!"

Didn't you put it up, Gibs? "Oh, yeah!"

"I think, I'm sitting on it."

"Gibby sent me to look for his bounce ball"

"I was in here for my feather mice, but what the heck is this pompom about?"

"Mum, you forgot this drawer here!!"

"What, you're done for the night?"

"Oh dear.. What's up with Molly?"

"Nooooo, Dad!! you CAN'T pack my tree up yet!!"

"If he does, can we climb the box pile, instead?"

one week to go kits, bear with us!

<3 Denise
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How sweet!!! that'll be my crew in about three or four weeks

Denise, I must've missed the thread. If you don't mind me asking, where are you moving?
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Well, you've sure got all the help you could ever want getting prepared for your move, Denise!
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They sure are excited about the move, Denise! Great pictures and captions!
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Molly and Gibby are just the cutest little helpers!!
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What a curious bunch you have. I love Paige, she's so precious! I wish all of us TCSers lived closer together so we could all help each other move!!
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It looks like your babies are having more fun than most cats ever would during a move! Too cute
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We're just moving about 15 minutes west of here lol into Apex, where the apartments are larger, and closer to halfway between our works (I'm currently having an hour drive to my job)

They're a great bunch, but don't let them fool you. while Paige will be perfectly happy with the move, and be instantaneously settled in, Gibby and molly will be petrified. But, as Paige is his best friend, I'm sure Gibby at east will get over the move. Molly... well lets just say she tends to take moving rather traumatically
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so funny
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you have beautiful helpers!
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Ive seen a cat tree like yours at walmart.
I will have to get it when we move too
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Beautiful babies, love the pics.
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they look so cut specialy love the captions
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