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What are your favorite hobbies?
I like to write stories. I haven't published anything. Maybe someday. I also like to do ceramics. I haven't done them in a long time but pretty soon, I will start doing them again.
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Really? you like to write? me too? though like you not published (yet - here`s hoping anyway), i write short stories, and poetry too, not sure if i am any good, but i love doing it

I also love to read and am completely addicted to cross stitch too, it is especailly good here in Montreal, when we are about to be covered in snow for months on end!!! Not something that ever happened to me in New Zealand. Where i had a lot of animals and spent as long as i could outside.

Talk to you again
Chee & Breeze
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1: Reading
2: writing S/F, fantasy & romance
3: Singing (Trained in opera for 4 yrs, now just sing for the fun of it)
4:Reading (I know I mentioned it 2 times, but I LOVE READING)
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1. Reading
2. Playing piano
3. Motorcycle touring
4. Bicycling
5. Listening to music of almost any kind (see my partial list of favorites in the music thread)
6. Photography
7. Plastic scale model building (not very often anymore)

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I love reading, gardening, hiking in the woods & cooking
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I also love to cross stitch, which can be a challenge when the cats are in a playful mood. I have just starting growing plants, mostly herbs. I also enjoy reading and yoga.
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Crossword puzzles........
limited gardening and working around the house on projects.
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I like cooking, reading, working on the computer, crafts, and doing stuff with the kids like board games or coloring. I also enjoy house projects ( with hubby's help ), and working in the yard.
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Lets see.... my hobbies.... well, I love to sing, and often get asked to sing for weddings, etc. and also I love houseplants, if you can call that a hobby, and I collect Boyd's Bears, and I love horror movies/books, and cooking.
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Oh, and of course the computer is my hobby, but I rather like to refer to it as my family.....
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writing, scrimshaw, cooking, embroidery, reading, gardening and working with my horse.
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hissy, I wish I still had my horses! I miss them terribly. I had to sell them. (Divorce... long story, don't ask!)

My hobbies are: skiing, Jeeping, hiking, reading, watching football (american football - the kind they have to wear padding to play!), writing (there sure are a lot of writers here!), my pets, crocheting, and cooking. I wish I had more time to do all of that.
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reading, painting pottery, watching movies, shopping, and I've been cooking more and more lately, and really starting to enjoy it.
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Here is my pride and joy- my 4 year old Mustang-cross having a ghostly encounter with a balloon

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1. reading- mostly horror or fantasy (anne rice & JRR tolkein)
2. plants- orchids, cactus, (exotics)
3. making jewelry- southwestern, hemp, beaded
4. cooking- again I love exotic stuff (Thai, Japanese, creole)

It's neat to read about everyone's hobbies. Hissy you do scimshaw? Can you post pics of your work; I love scrimshaw.
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I love cross stitch and reading (though I don't get to do a lot of reading lately).

I see that there are a lot of writers here - please feel free to post your cat related work in the literary forum - that's why it's there!

As for Hissy's wonderful scrimshaw - you can have a look here:
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I love so many things; there's not enough time in the day to touch on everything.

Bodybuilding (eh, more of a way of life)
Writing stories, poetry and songs
Guitar, singing (I used to do this professionally, I miss it)
Riding horses as often as I can
Scuba diving
Computers and continued education on computer related courses

That should keep me busy. :daisy:

post #18 of 22 are making me tired!
Hissy....your work is absolutely gorgeous!
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Lots of independent hobbies out there...

Mine are reading, gaming, and collecting books (mostly s/f, fanstasy, military history, medieval history, and anything else that looks fascinating). Though I have more than a few ideas worth writing up, they have yet to leave the idea stage...

With all these readers on the board, we should start a book club...
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And thanks Debra, I love doing scrim it relaxes me. Those are pieces I did years ago, my latest work is much better. =)
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What a beautiful horse you have! I can see the mustang breeding in his head - they all look so free (maybe independant is the word better suited?). I had a 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 Arabian Mare; her daughter which was 3/4 Arabian 1/4 Quarter Horse; and her daughter, a 7/8 Arabian filly. Ah, I miss them so!


A book club would be fun! I just wouldn't have time to read any of the books! I read just a tiny bit a day - right before bed I grab one of my books and get in about 15 minutes... just enough time to be thoroughly engrossed in the story and have to put it down and get some sleep!
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I LOVE reading too, fave author of all time....Susan Howatch!! YEY!! I have about 20 of her books and am constantly on the look out for more!! I also do alot of cross stitching - mainly greeting cards, but sometimes the bigger projects too!! I also play alot of pool, and play the violin (well, try to!! ha ha) I used to write aswell, I have had some poetry published (years ago) but nothing since - I don't really do it anymore!! Hmmm what else..oh yes brushing the cats!! (they just love that!! ha ha ha) and basically aything to do with crafts and animals!! Ooops I forgot...(duh!) I do painting and artwork, I love to use acrylics and oils, chalk and charcoal, and oil pastels....I attempt watercolours occasionally but always go back to acrylics/oils!! Hopeless!
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