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Kitty friendly but not???

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HI everyone!! My brother recently got a cat about three months ago from the local animal shelter. She seemed to be the total package. She was rolling around, purring the works. She also had ear mites and was diagnosed with round worm, which turned out to be false. So my brother had to give her baths and give her medicine all the time, which Im sure didnt help with her being comfortable in a new home. She follows my brother around all the time but when he tries to get close to her she freaks out and runs away. She hates to be alone so its confusing to me why she acts this way. Its been three months and its obvious that she has gotten used to the house but not used to being close to us. We talk to her all the time and she loves it, but make a move towards her and she freaks and runs away. SHe is about 6 months old? Not really sure on her age. She also was just recently spaded and it was after she had already gone into her first heat. Boy was that annoying!!! I have had cats for many years now and she is the first one that I have seen act this way. I think that perhaps she just needs more time because she is used to the house and since she can just run away from us she has no reason to get close to us. But the past few days she has allowed me to pet her but only in my brothers closet. She loves it!! She purrs rolls around and drools. She has a lot of toys and she plays often. I dont think my brother interacts with her as much as he should which I think he should at least throw a ball for her for a few mintues a day. So I am looking for advice on what I could do to make her more comfortable to come to us. Thanks!!!
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First of all, she is probably pretty overwhelmed by the new place, all the new smells and noises she has yet to get used to. Try not and make a move toward her at all, let her call the shots. Try this- lay down on the floor in the room she is in on you back. Just close your eyes and breathe slowly and relax. If she comes near you (and she will) don't move a muscle, don't open your eyes. Concentrate on happy thoughts and she should start smelling you, maybe even walking over you, but the minute you move she will scatter. After a few minutes, just say softly "Ok I am getting up now." and then get up and walk out of the room without even looking at her. Do this a few times a week- let her experience you on a level she can understand and because you are low to the ground, you are less threatening to her, and are not suddenly her predator.

Also just go into a room where she is and take a book. Sit on the floor and read out loud to her softly. After about 15 minutes get up, take a treat and place it right where your imprint is on the carpet, then leave the room.

Don't expect to much out of her right away. She has to get used to you, and she has to come to understand that when you go toward her you are not going to hurt, or scare her or shove medicine down her throat. Work with her on her terms, not yours and soon you will find that special bond-

If she is hiding, don't go after her, just let her be, unless you know she is ill or not feeling well.
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Patience is your best bet. It may take awhile for her to be comfortable being petted out in the open. My Pearl is 5 years old, and she is still very skittish. She loves being petted, but only on her terms, which change frequently. She still will not allow anyone near her when she is walking or laying on the floor. We can approach and pet her when she is on her table by her window, or when she comes to the couch or the bed. She makes progress, then sometimes she regresses. I got her from an abusive home when she was 5 months old.
That is my experience. There are some real experts here that can give you great advice. Good luck with your kitty!
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Like mentioned before, you might want to try laying on the floor and just relaxing. Eventually start doing a lot of things on the floor- reading, watching tv, etc. while laying down. This really helped with our second cat and rabbit. Eventually both would coming sniffing around, laying down next to us, etc. It might take a while, but it's worth it
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Here is what I did with Nano:

I usually take an afternoon nap on the couch. One day I woke up with her climbing on me and she accidently scratched me up. But it gave me an idea! I started taking my naps in a sleeping bag on the floor and I would usually wake up to find Nano sitting on me or walking on me. It was an important turning point and that was when -- while I was sleeping -- that she became socialized to me. It just took three or four sleeping bag naps and her attitude softened tremendously. And Nano soon learned how to walk or climb on me without letting me feel her claws...so the sleeping bag is no longer necessary and she actually sleeps in bed with me except when my girlfriend is over.

So that suggestion by hissy really does work.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!!
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