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Just had to share this between Sasha & Saba

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As I was preparing their dinner, I accidentally stepped on Saba!! She is so tiny and gets underfoot all the time - she's insatiably curious about everything and is always thinking about food. She yelped (it was NOT a bad hurt) and scampered under the dining room table. I dropped everything and ran after her, crawling under the table to cuddle her and apologize over & over. She nudged me and curled up in my arms and Sasha runs over very fast (he never moves fast!) and kisses her face! and licks her nose! and then lurked around her body to make sure she was ok!!!! They've been together only 8 weeks now. I just had to share that kodak moment.
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AWWWW! how sweet!
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How precious!Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment, Eddie!
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I am so glad to hear shes not hurt!! Maybe she will at least give you 6 inches to walk now..

Buddy seems totally foreign to the concept of when people are walking they want to move.. and we take bigger steps then cats. I have had to start kinda of walk-skate so if hes around he can get a slight nudge without a full swinging of a walking kick. He is starting to slowly get the idea that feet actually move and starting to move ahead of them now. He even moved out of my way when i wanted to go down the stairs, lol. A couple of soft toe pokes from time to time seems to get the idea across too while I stand and wait for him to move.. I tend to think he knows and he just likes to torment me
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Oh that must have been such an adorable moment!! How cute of Sasha
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Your babies are so sweet and forgiving!
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Awww E thats so sweet!, and something very similar happend to my two the other day.

Rosie had a tiny bit of poop stuch to her fur, it was bothering me more than her because i didn't like it being there full stop no matter how tiny it was.

I knew i would have a problem getting her to keep still so i wrapped her in a towel so she couldn't wriggle but it was stressing her out because she started crying, then Sophie ran over to her straight away and stood up on her back legs and sniffed Rosies face and started to gently touch Rosies face with her paw a couple of times.

I wondered if she thought i was hurting Rosie?

Does anyone know?
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AWW! How sweet!
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