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made his third great escape the other day. This time through
the A/C access door into the attic space of the apartment complex. I spend two day crawling in the pitch-black, insulation-filled attic over the ceilings of four other apartments hunting for him. When I
finally found him, or, he found me, he didn't want to
come home!
That little trouble maker actually prefers
dirt over cleaniness, labor over relaxation,
starvation over being well-fed, abandonment over being
loved, all in the name of freedom and to explore the world on his own. I guess that is one of the reason we are drawn to cats: They like to be free and to be independent just like we do. Smart creature...
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Awww, that's a sweet pic of him.
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Aaawww, Rugby, you're so adorable!
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Awww, sweet Rugby, the explorer dreaming of his adventures!
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what a beautiful photo of Rugby, the free independent creature that he is
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That orange baby looks so gorgeous against that blue.
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phew! all tuckered out from his adventure, what a gorgeous guy he is!
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What a little troublemaker he is!!!
That is an absolutely beautiful picture, though. The color contrasts are gorgeous and of course your subject is a doll!!
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