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Tigger is gone

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Tigger went to her new home tonight She is going to a lady who lives in Texas, but is in Arizona til September. She is joining 2 abissinians (spelling) who are 17, and another bengal boy. The lady is really nice & loves cats. I just so heartsick over this and evertying else. Now, I have to take Minnie & Winnie to the breeder in the next 2 weeks
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I'm so very sorry you're hurting tonight.You've done such a wonderful job, and this lady sounds fantastic. Tigger's going to absolutely love her new home you've so carefully approved. It's just so difficult to let go, isn't it.
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I'm so sorry, Dawn, I know you're hurting. I wish I could help you someway. Don't be sad, it sounds like a nice situation for kitty, but I know you are sad right now about it anyway.
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