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Daily thread for Friday November 9

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What a long day I've had (it's now 8 PM here)...

After getting home late after the lecture last night, we had to wake up early this morning and went to the first meeting of our prenatal class. It was pretty interesting - they talked mainly about when you should get to the hospital.

From there we went to a friend's wedding. It was a very nice wedding with excellent food and music and lots of our friends so we had a good time and stayed there for 4 hours. Next we went to visit my mom, where my brother and sister were also visiting, with their repective fiances.

By that time I was very tired and my feet had become very swollen... but we had to go buy some groceries on the way

At last! I'm at home, showered and in bed, typing away on the laptop and watching the news - no place like home!

The baby is kicking away incessantly today, which is really nice... I can feel him getting more active by the day! We had a check-up a couple of days ago and the doctor says he's a big boy - 1300 grams (almost 3 pounds) - not bad for week 28

Hope everyone else is having a good day!
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Well, it's two weeks until I get married and I am so stressed out. I just want to get all of this over with but I am really looking forward to the gifts (I know shallow, but I can't help myself, Since I was 18 years old I have lived by myself and everything I have is second hand - I just can't wait to have new stuff of my own)! I guess I need to start saying "our" - can you tell I used to be an only child

The new puppy is doing great and he and Libby have a good old time. He is really good with the cats and since Libby has someone to play with she could pretty much care less about the cats.

Wish I could participate more on the site. I haven't been posting as much as I used to (and nowhere near as others hear) since things have been pretty busy here at work and when I do get a moment I do wedding stuff or read the cat site so I know what's going on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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