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She is totally coming along!!!!!!!! I can only imagine how hard this is for you as I am a person with very little patience and always anxious. I just want everyone to love each other right away!!! Unfortunately that is not realistic. I know that things will be just fine soon. Hang in there! She is making progress and everyday you should see something new even if it's little.
I am praying and sending good vibes your way that things keep getting better and I bet they will be best of friends before too long!!
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Thank you so much Aimee. I am exactly the same way. I wanted everything to work out right away. But unfortunately the reality was that Lilly was not a kitty who wanted to adjust quickly. This has definitely been a time of learning for me, and its been amazing to see Lilly slowly start to love and trust me and Brendan and Ebony bit by bit. I know she is so close to trusting us fully and I am trying my very best to give her the time and space she needs. I think its going to be worth the wait.
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I totally understand. It's so hard to go through that because you want so bad to see them take to each other right away!!! I know in my heart though that it will happen. You are doing such a great job and they both love you for your effort and patience. It's totally worth the wait! Hang in there, I am standing by for continuous updates!!
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I had almost the opposite issue. I got my two kitties at the same time (they're sisters). After a few days they were all over the house, and Sylvester was pretty friendly. She's not a love-bug, but she would fallow me around and chat with me. Annie meanwhile was playing hard to get! She'd look sweetly at us, flop on the ground, and then run off when we tried to pet her. Seriously. Repeatedly. She didn't want to be touched.

I've now had them for over a year and it's so great. Annie is still the more reserved one, but she comes up and demands a lap and cuddling when she feels like it. It's so sweet. And she does let us pet her all the time. But it took a few months before she was cuddly at all. Sometimes I still feel like she is still getting more affectionate every month.

So anyway, I definately think the wait is worth it.
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