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neibors cat

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We have had 3 cats for a long time.

Recently a very agressive cat has shown up which constantly beats our cats up, none of them can stand up to it, it is willing to follow them anywhere (even in the house) and wont even run away from humans when they hit it.

the serverity of the attacks has resulted in several visits to the vets.

My mum planned on catching it and selling it to someone who lives miles away but she found out that it is a stray that homed itself with an elderly coupple who have formed a very stong attachment to it. They have no family and have both been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and because her morrals are so high this has stopped her from carrying out her plan dispite the costs to us and our cats.

does anyone have any ideas? (before you suggest waiting for the owners to die before getting rid of it their illnesses arnt likely to kill them withing a year and they are too senile to understand when we try and explain the situation to them)
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If it is not already neutered, maybe that is why it is so aggressive. Maybe you could catch it and take it in to be neutered. If you are going to pay a vet anyway when it attacks your cats, why not pay one vet bill and help this poor cat? It would be helpful to everyone involved, and it will be easier to rehome when its humans pass away. Good luck with this. I hope everything works out.
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i agree with the above advice. I sincerely hope that everything works out for the best.
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Keeping your cats indoors is a start. Neutering this tomcat will help as well, and it would be kind of you if you and your family can foot the bill. The aggression could be a pain response and if the couple is unable to take care of this cat, maybe you can just take it to the vet to be checked out to see if it is okay? But the easiest solution is keep your cats indoors and block the cat door so he can't come inside.
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