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Saba refuses all treats, any explanation?

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I will tell you, Saba does not eat treats! Have you ever heard of such a thing? We gave her a cube of the Wildside Salmon when she first arrived and she ate it, probably out of fear of starvation, but nothing since. We've tried everything. Sasha is addicted, but she simply will not eat ANY treats, even crumbled over her food, or even the tarter control treats in the cereal bowl. Yet she eats whatever regular food is put in front of her without complaint! Have you ever heard of such?? What might this be about? She is socialized into more normal food now and knows full well she's not starving in the wild as she was. Any insights????
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I have had several cats over the years that do not like treats. Pearl will only eat them occasionally.
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isnt that amazing - I have never seen a cat that refuses treats. Maybe Saba can teach Cedar something? All Cedar thinks about all day is food
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You know, my cats are not crazy about treats. The best reaction I got were to Wild Side but even that sometimes fails with George and Mama. You wouldn't think G.W. would skip the treats, would you? He does though.
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Merlin is the same way. He will not eat a cat treat. He won't even touch human food! I'm quite comfortable leaving him sitting next to my chicken or fish dinner, because I know whenever I get back it'll still be sitting there. It's just the way he is.
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My three are all funny about treats. Dushka will eat the little dried fish, the others just bat them around. None of them will eat the standard 'biscuit' type treat of any flavour. I brought some salmon jerky for cats back from Alaska and the jar is still full as they didn't like them. I crumble cranberry ones into their food, as I want them to have them, but I have given up on the other kinds. If I want to give them a treat I use a small cube of any kind of cheese - they adore it and will try to swipe cheese out of a sandwich as I am eating it!
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Of all my cats, Skinny is the most picky when it comes to treats. The reason? She stuffs herself during meals.
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E~I wouldn't worry because Sophie who will eat anything isn't all that fussed either!.

Rosie will be all over me as soon as she sees the treat bag in my hand and Sophie will come over(I think it's just so she thinks she's not missing anything?!)but if i go to give her one she either sniffs it then walks away or takes it but not that often.

She will have the Bonito though that Stephanie sent them!, in fact she ripped the bag open when i was downstairs so i have to hide it in a cupboard now!
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My Marcellus will only eat his cat food. I remember cooking up some giblets for him thinking, what a treat. Sniffed and walked away. He sniffs everything but won't touch anything other than his cat food and that he is not picky about at all. Funny kitty. He's always been like this.
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Eb is the same way. She'll eat just about anything we put in front of her food wise, and she always wants to eat whatever human food is around. But when we throw a treat her way she usually turns her nose. She's usually more interested in me shaking the canister then actually eating the treat!
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Out of the 4 cats I have had, only 2 of the cats like treats and the other 2 will either turn their noses up at them or take a sample bit and walk of.
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One of mine is not a treat fan unless it is deli meat the other will eat some some of the time and none at other times ...
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Hey, thanks everyone for this great feedback. It sure helps a lot, this was quite a riddle around here. I thought I had a very strange little girl! I had no idea. I thought she was maybe the only one, such a contrast to my feline vacuum cleaner, Mr. S.
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hi there--well, i have read that kitties learn from 0-1 what is ok to eat from mom, and won't vary after that if possible, because they didn't learn it was safe. i did give her some egg yolk when we thought she was pregnant, and she ate that hunkydory--i suspect she would think that safe therefore. course that doesn't really count as a treat.
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Pixie never used to eat treats. The dog and both cats in our old house weren't fans either. It wasn't until Pixie and I moved and Milo came along that she started eating them at all. Even now I think she just eats them bc she doesn't want Milo to get them all. She's not a picky eater, but she's just not a fan of treats.
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Maverick wont touch treats either.

its annoying as if she did i would buy up the whole shop coz i love spoiling her! the house she came from they didnt feed their cats treats and even though we got her at 7weeks maybe this influenced her?
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Limerick does the same thing!!!
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Spyder won't eat treats either. He also won't touch dry food either!
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Cable eats any & everything, but Pixel is never interested in anything but cat food, unless i'm eating chicken!
Mouse was just like Pixel, as far as treats are concerned.
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Freija doesn't eat treats either. THe only ones she has ever 'might' eat - no saying if she will or won't at any given time - is the 'Temptations" chicken. She also won't eat canned food and it has been very difficult to get her to switch to a better quality dried food - or a while there I thought she would starve because she just refused to eat unless I gave her Dental Diet - it took a number of months but she is now switched over to Prescription c/d and won't touch anything else.

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Mik only likes his bland regular crunchies, and refuses to eat ANYTHING else!

On the other hand... Lex not only eats his crunchies, he loves treats (even jumps for them! woohoo!), investigates and often insists on trying whatever I may be having for dinner, and well... I have no spiders around the house thanks to Lex!
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Puppy will not touch anything but PittyPat breath mints for cats. I have to put 2 at the bottom of her dry food bowl to get her started on her meals...such a picky Puppy!
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You know, when I first posted this I thought I'd be lucky to get a response or two...had no idea! I feel great that Saba is so...well.....normal!
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