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*Hiss* *Growl*

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Ok. so I got my two kitties Emo and Easter fixed yesterday. They're almost 2 years old, and we also have another cat, Felicity, 4 who is already fixed. They've been together since Emo and Easter were 8 weeks old, so they know eachother very well, and they get along. But since yesterday, Felicity keeps growling at Emo and Easter every time they walk by. what is up with that?? why is she suddenly being like this?

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They smell different than they did before they went to the vet - try a little vanilla extract under their chins and around the base of the tails - don't douse them with it ... dab it on like a fine perfume. *grin* Put some on Felicity too so they will all smell alike.

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Felicity is probably smelling the vet's office on your babies.

I read somewhere in the forum about using vanilla extract to introduce cats, maybe that would be helpful here? I'm sure someone w/more experience will be along shortly w/a better answer.
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see I was right!
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We must have been posting right at the same time. LOL
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