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Radio question of the day: 03/18/05

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What is your favorite junk food?
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oreo cookies
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Snickers bars, yummy.

Well those and potato chips.
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Ice cream....very hard to resist!
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depends on my mood!
id have to say right now it would be mc donalds ice cream!
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Would pickles be considered "junk food?"

It would be pickles if you'd consider it junk food, but, other than that, anything chocolate.
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Cooler Ranch Doritos
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This is a though question.

Chocolate Cake!
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Depends on mood to some extent, but the one I'm kinda craving at the moment is Miss Vickie's Black Pepper and Lime potato chips. I know, it sounds strange, but they're awesome!
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Mine is chips too. I never buy them (ah being middle aged sucks!) But once in awhile I let myself have them as a treat.
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potatoes and bread, I can't get enough!
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I can only name one?

Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies - and pizza - and Big Macs - ice cream - cheese curls - ad nauseum...
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Chocolate Chip cookies...
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
oreo cookies
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Yellow cake with chocolate frosting
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Ice cream and chocolate.
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Crisps(Potatoe chips)
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it has to be pizza hut , mmm i cant get enough of it
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