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My cat is dying of feLV, when is the end?

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I have a 14 year old cat he was diagnosed with feline leukemia 3 years ago, he started at 15 pounds and is now 5-6 pounds.. I knew the day was coming but today I woke up and his balance is off a little, and he is acting a little lethargic...he is still drinking and eating like he has been(I open about 10 cans a day for him) he's very picky now...he is still using his litter box, he has had diarreah for about 2 years now... I guess my question is does anyone have any experience with a cat dying naturally from this and what did the endstage look like, or when is the right time to have the Dr. come in to perform euthanasia???
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The end stage is not pretty. Since there is no cure, the best thing to do is end the cat's suffering before it really begins. Dying naturally at home for a cat with feline leukemia is not pleasant. If you truly love this cat, you will come to the conclusion that it is time, and call the vet and allow him to go in peace.

No one can tell you when that time is. Some people have more trouble than others in letting go, but please don't let this cat that you have cared for so wonderfully for so many years down, in the most important time of his life, the time to end it.

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my thoughts are with you at this time

As MA said - this is the most important time in your cats life - be brave. You WILL know when the time has come, somehow you will just know.

stay strong during this time, love your kitty and know that when he leaves he will forever be watching over you
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Lotts of hugs! and soft belly rubs to the furry!
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It comes down to a personal choice between you and the cat.. My vet told us when the bad days become more numerous then the good ones, that is a good sign it is time. If the pet you love no longer has the quality of life he deserves and there is no chance he will get it in the future as well as going strictly downhill.. at least for us it became time to ask ourselves are we keeping here for us or for him and what is best for him at this point. I am sorry for your cats illness and your pain in having to deal with it as well as his. I wish you both the best in this hard time and as much as you love him, I am sure he loves you back and knows he is loved in return. We recently had to let go of Elmer and previously lost BooBoo Kitty, although it was tough in both cases every day I find it a little easier to remember the good things without the pain and loss. I am confident we did the best we could to provide them all the love we could while we had them and they knew it as your cat surely must. You will know in your head when it is time, the hard part is getting your heart to listen and accept what you know is coming. God bless and best of luck to you both.
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I'm so sorry you and your poor Cat have to go through this too. You both will be in my thoughts. I'm sure you will make the decision that's best for him.
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I'm sorry that you and your cat are facing this. Many hugs to you both
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im sorry to hear that my heart goes out to you hang in there
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A dear friend told me recently.. "If you have to ask, then it is time."

Best of luck finding the resolve you need during a difficult transition
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty I had to make that decision a few years ago with my kitty Blackie, he had CRF. It is a hard decision but your kitty will let you know when it's time.
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