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do any of you purchase vaccines?

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I was wondering if any of you purchase vaccines online? If you do what kind do you get (injectable or nasel) and where do you get them?
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Yes, I have for years now. I get them from Drs Foster & Smith online. I prefer the 3-in-1 (no chlamydia) injectable vaccine. I can't even imagine the vet bill for vaccines on 31 cats. Doing it this way costs me less than $50, including shipping.
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Ok thanks for the info.
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i too have seen dr. foster and smith selling the vaccines. In fact, they magazine has a great write-up with every issue on use and precausions. BTW, one they won't sell is rabies.
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That is true about them not selling the rabies vaccine. UPCO sells it, though. But it would be a waste of time and money for me to give them, as Pennsylvania law is that only a vet can give a rabies vaccine. We have quite the rabies problem here with wildlife. It may be legal, though, in other states to give your own rabies vaccines.
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I ~really~ want to purchase and administer my own vaccines, but what I am finding out is that many vets do not recognized breeder-administered vaccines - so when a kitten buyer goes in to the vet and presents the vaccine history, unless it is on a vet-generated printed statement, many won't accept it and will require you to over-vaccinate your cat. *sigh* I am doing battle with one particular vet here locally over it as we speak.

Be careful with giving your own vaccines. In the end, it may cause the cat more discomfort and actual risk than if you allow the vet to do it and give you the printed statements showing he did.
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I used to, until I had a kitten have a vaccine reaction and almost lost him. ASoon ater that, I simply went back to having my vet do all kitten shots.

I did however, continue to give vaccinations to my adults for a number of years. I highly recommend Revival..their prices were excellent. I used to use Fel-O-Vax PCT by Fort Dodge, which is to vaccinate against Feline Rhinothracheitis, Callici and Panleukopenia, this was a killed virus vaccine.
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