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Hlep please

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John & I are going on holidays to Mexico on Novemebr 29 for 1 wk. My mother-in-law (who is a cat lover) will be cat/house sitting for us. This normally is a great arrangement as "grandma" gets to spend time with the babies. This year, for the 1st time, Sugarly is on the anti-depressant Amitryptolene (sp?). We have trouble giving it to her ourselves & my mother-in-law rarely sees her when we are away. Sugarly doesn't like anyone but John & I, & only comes out when no one else is there. The vet says since she is doing well now & hasn't had any accidents in over 2 wks, we can stop giving her the meds in about 1 month. With us going away in less then a month it makes that difficult. Should we give it to her up to the day we leave & then quit cold turkey or wean her off for the next little while. We want what is best for her. Please help. Thanks
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Perhaps you could start introducing "Grandma" as medicine giver prior to her actual date of sole care giver. Get your kitty used to her while you're there to offer assistance.

Choice #2 would be to give it up until the day you leave and stop. Only your vet knows, however, if this is a type of medicine that CAN be just cut off, not tapered down. If you were going to stop "cold turkey" after the next month, then I would think stopping short wouldn't have any adverse effect. Again, I'm no vet, and I think the best course is to consult with yours before a final decision.

Good luck!

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you might get more suggestions Ady if you post this in the health/nutrition forum. Sandie is really good with these things, and she is always (multiple times a day) popping in there to check to see if anyone needs help, and doesn't come into the lounge nearly as much. Sandie works at a vet and has multiple cats, so I know she'll have an answer for you.

You'll get better results if you post health questions in the health forum. The experts (not a knock on anyone in this lounge!) frequent there.
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Thanks AP. I'll do that.
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I would probably taper her off before you go. You could also think about keeping her in one room while you are gone. Maybe grind the medication up and try to sneak it into some wet food.
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I tried getting it in the food, but she won't it eat it. Either it tastes horrible or smells really bad too her
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