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The Danger of Tea Tree Products: Getting the word out!

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I got a catalog from a new pet supply vendor (CareaLotPets.com) yesterday and while browsing (and wishing I could buy a lot of their goodies for the cats!) I noticed that on products described as containing Tea Tree oil, no mention was made that these products should not be used on cats.

I emailed their Customer Service department last night and hoenstly didn't expect a response. However, I got one this morning, and wanted to share it here.

"Subject: RE: very important re: listings in your catalog
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 12:19 EST
To: Xirene101@cs.com

Dear Customer, I have sent your e-mail to our purchasing, and catalog
department. We will also make sure this information is provided to the sales reps, to convey this information to our customers. Thank you for your inquiry.
Terri "
I feel like I won a small victory! Even if I've saved one cat, I've done something good.

My BF works at Trader Joe's, and he got permission from the manager to post a warning in the floral department regarding plants toxic to pets, and also another in the health and beauty aisle, regarding the danger of Tea Tree oilto cats.

I'm not posting this looking for a pat on the back for us, LOL. My point is, even one person can make a difference and save a life. If you see a situation where a lack of information can potentially cause harm, do something about it.
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WTG you rock!
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Thanks MA! You and Bartee have inspired me to spread the word.
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Thankyou, that's really good to know- I have a lot of essential oils and herbs around and my lot love sniffing them. I'll be very careful! It's great you've got the word out on this!
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wow ... didnt know tea tree oil was dangerous was about to bathe kitty in shampoo with it
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No you really don't want to do that. If your kitty fights the bath and swallows soapy water, it could go really bad for that cat depending on how much soapy water the cat swallows.
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kitty is getting catnip bath instead
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I didn't know Tea Tree Oil was bad for cats...what's the whole scoop on it? Also maybe some of you know if Calla Lilies are poison for cats. I got one for my birthday and gave it away because I wasn't sure.
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Lilies of all kinds are toxic to cats.
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Thanks Hissy interesting article!
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