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Artsy Food Dishes

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Hubby and I went shopping the other day and I found these food dishes for Meish that I simply went crazy over. Here are a few shots of them. They are so unique I had to share.

Meish says: "Go back to my old dishes? No Way!"

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Oh how beautiful are those?!?!?! Are they made by a local artist or are they available nation-wide? They are great! PURRFECT for a pampered kitty like Meishka
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I got the dishes at TJ Maxx!! They were 5.99 PER bowl!! I don't want to know the regular price lol (but worth every penny for my kitty )
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Thank you for the info! LOVE TJ Maxx- they are such a great source of kinda off-the-wall stuff! Another good place is Tuesdy Morning. They have some great, unique pet stuff as well!
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Oh Beth, those are so cute! Love em! I may have to go shopping this weekend!
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They had some other really neat cat related stuff but hubby got some pineapple salsa and some toasted pecan maple syrup so he gave me a price limit. HAHA. (Pineapple salsa was WONDERFUL btw).

I think Meish is used to eating lower to the ground because now she will put a kibble in her mouth and drop it to the floor before eat it. Weirdo.
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Those are very colorful looking dishes. They'll look pretty cute with Meishka eating out of them.
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thise are very pretty!
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How lovely! They look like they are from Laurel Burch?
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Beth-- look at those! You know what?? Keep them for a long, long time....75 years from now they'll be worth, like, $50,000 on Antiques Roadshow.
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Ooohh, I like them. They look nice and wide, too. Eddie's right - you should hang on to them, because they might become collectors' items.
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Those are really nice!

The two I use for water dishes say "The Cat from Hell" and "Psycho Kitty". they're a boring blue and cream color though. (The place I got them from also had "Worthless" and "Fleabag". I thought that would be too cruel. )
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Those are really lovely - Lily wouldn't be able to reach into one of those
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Those are cute dishes. I wish my cats could eat out of dishes made of something other than glass. Patsy get horrible acne unless she has glass dishes even if I wash them twice a day.
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I love the dishes, those are too awesome. Even if they don't become collector's items, they're worth it! Those are just great
Of course, I like the psycho kitty and fleabag bowls too, mind.
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Those are cute.
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