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Thanks y'all
Oh and it is so funny- Cosette is already a typical woman. She's obsessed with- you guessed it-purses and shoes! If I leave an open purse on the floor (which I always do when I get home from work) she immediately climbs inside and inspects it. Sometimes I'll carry her around the house in the purse! And she loves Bradley's shoes. There is this one boot that I call her boyfriend.
But Katherine, just like the Hussy (Waffle) is in love with your boyfriend, Cosette seems to have taken a definitely liking to Bradley. She conks out every night on the leg of Bradley's jeans. I know Bradley is afraid of the day I let Cosette run around the apt. loose at night b/c we're both pretty sure she will choose him as her favorite sleeping spot Ah, young love!
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That is great news! I sure hope my two will accept the baby quickly!
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If a cat as ANTISOCIAL as my Eponine can start accepting Cosette within a week and a half, I have no doubt that your kitties will be A-OK!
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Oh thats brilliant Amy!!!

Thats exactly how Rosie and Sophie were.
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I'm telling ya Susan....Cosette is Sophie Jr!!!! I wish Eponine were more like Rosie- I'd love just once to hear her chatter up a storm!
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Awww i'm sure Eponine has some lovely characteristics of her own, and as long as she gets on well with little cosette thats what counts

I tell you Eponine will be washing her soon!!
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Yohhoooy for Cossette I`m glad that she´s ok!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Well, yesterday things began to change in my household! The girls are now chasing each other and with minimum growling and swatting on Eponine's part. I honestly am starting to believe that Eponine is coming around and realizing that Cosette is not a threat, but will be a playmate to her.
I am so excited My dream of having 2 kitties that actually like each other is starting to come true *knock on wood*
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OMG, how did I miss THIS thread?? I was so busy looking at all of Cosette's CUTE pictures, that I didn't even see her update thread!!! I am so glad things are starting to go well for your two ladies. It sounds like they are going to be great friends here soon.

I can only hope the same for my Lilly and Ebony. I like to now call Lilly "Lazy Lilly" She seems content in her bedroom right now and has no interest in exploring the rest of the house. We did bring Eb into her room the other night to introduce them. Lilly doesn't care about Ebony being there but it Eb gets too close she lets out this really quiet growl and just looks at Lilly. I don't think Eb knows what the heck to think. So I guess I gotta just keep taking things slow and hope one of these days Eb realizes that Lilly is not out to get her!

Maybe I need to try E's idea of just showering Eb with LOTS of attention whenever I have the two of them in the same room together.
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