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Need advice

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I posted a thread in the main forum and it disappeared. I need to know what to feed 35 day old kittens since we don't have kitten formula here in Korea.

I tried canned food mixed with water and they didn't take to that too well.

Any suggestions ?
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There is no available canned kitten food? Can you order it in via one of the pet supply websites? At 4.5 weeks old, they should be getting a good, high-quality canned kitten food, pate-style preferably, and you can put out some of the dry kibble too - they may take to that as well but I am confident they would eat the canned.

Hope this helps and I would love to see pictures of your babies ...

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So it is okay to give them straight canned kitten food? I thought it might tear up their tummy.

Thanks for the advice!

I had a post with pics of them but not sure where it went to.
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