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Temptation Island

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Did anyone start watching Temptation Island? I really didn't get into last year's. I think it is just mean to break people up. BUT...... it is kinda funny to hear what each other's significant other says when it comes down to picking their date, and which single guy/girl they are going to kick! This seasons' couples have problems as it is. WOW! 2 reality shows in the same night...... what more could you ask for?!
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I watched it last night and forgot to watch it tonight
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Tonight, they went on their dates. The one girl (edmundo's g-friend) went on a date with all the single guys, since the guys (the ones w/ the g-friends) picked her date to be booted off. The guy (Tony?) went on a date with the single girls. The girls all chose to view their boyfriends dates, and of course, there was crying. SO, the guys had to view their girfriends dates, and a lot had to agree with what the single guys said. It is a pretty interesting show, though.
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To be honest I don't watch it cos I don't really want to see people getting upset and having their feelings hurt - even getting their hearts broken, I don't see why someone would want to go and see if their relationship could be broken up?!! Seems crazy to me!!
But each to their own!!!
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Personally, if my boyfriend (of 13 months) even asked me to go on that show, I'd have to show him the door!

To me that would mean 1 of 2 things...

1. he isnt sure of his feelings for me and wants to see other women.
2. he doesn't trust me and wants to see if I'd cheat.

Either way, it wouldn't say much for our relationship, and we shouldn't be together.

I do love the show though, and had half the bar watching it last night and tonight! :LOL: It makes for some very interesting conversation!
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I am addicted to reality TV so of course I watch it. TI2 is like a guilty pleasure - a piece of chocolate when you are on a diet. you know it's bad, but you can't help it. I don't think any of this year's couples will stay together based only on the 1st 2 shows - way too much kissing already.
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oh ya is it a guilty pleasure! I gotta be sure to catch it next time.
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ugh! Cleo, I totally agree with you! I can't watch it, I don't like seeing anyone's feelings get hurt in real life either.
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I don't watch this show, will never watch this show, and even the commercials for it make me sick. To me it really seems to capitalize on many of the things that are wrong with our society, like infidelity.

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Deb, I must agree with you. I watched Love Cruise out of curiousity and found it extremely distasteful, so I am not planning on watching any more such shows. Everyone is entitled to their own form of entertainment, but I think I'll stick to comedies and sci-fi shows.
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I'm with the majority here..I don't nor will I ever watch that show. I don't see the allure of it, watching people slut it up with virtual strangers..yuck. Very distasteful. I'm glad that kind of stuff isn't seen much on Survivor..actually there seems to be no 'romance' going on in this one at all
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Personally, I am not shallow enough to get addicted to this show. (beleive it or not)

and yes, I have seen it...ONCE

No offense.
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I don't take offense that I am shallow enough to watch it. I've never had much substance to me. :laughing:
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Move over guys cuz I am jumpin in! I love temptation island........
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Yay, Hissy! :
I don't think it is shallow to watch the show. It just means more entertainment for me :LOL: :LOL:
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I didn't mean to offend anyone, maybe I am just shallow to NOT understand it,.(but I think not)...doesn't mean you all are shallow for liking it, heck, by hubby thinks I am shallow for liking Survivor, and Friends and Big Brother!! :LOL:
Hope noone took my post the wrong way, I don't think everyone who watches Temptation Island is shallow, I just think anyone who gets totally addicted to it might be, but then again, who am I to say??
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If I watch every episode, does that make me addicted? :laughing:
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I live for Thursdays.... It's what gets me through Sundays, Mondays, & Tuesdays at work! I don't know if that is an addict, but I consider myself one!
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Please let me apologize for the "shallow" comment I made....I am truley sorry, I was out of line. I hope I didn't offend anyone. It IS interesting to watch these types of things, and I had no right to say I wasn't shallow enough to get addicted to it, when I myself am addicted to survivor, and Big brother. I apologize. Sometimes words come out, and then later you realize how they sounded. Sorry.
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No prob Debby, You didn't offend me.

I stopped apoligizing for my viewing choices a long time ago . There are a lot of people out there that look down on ALL of the real life programming (survivor included). I learned to just laugh it off and not to care. I enjoy what I enjoy and I'm not worried about what anybody thinks.
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Debby and friends,

Lighten up a little, it's only a tv show and purely on for entertainment. If I didn't have to work nights, I'd be watching it. I am considering taping it, though.

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Consider me 'lightened' :LOL:
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So, Debby, are you going to take another peak at Temptation Island? :laughing: :disturbed
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I dunno, well....maybe just a peek..... :LOL:
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hey! I thought it was on tonight, but it doesn't seem to be
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It's on Thursdays, same day as Survivor. Last week Wednesday was it's debut, and that is why they showed it on Thursday, too. It comes on after Survivor, I believe. I never know, because we have satellite & get both the East & West coast channels, and I never watch our time, which is 8p.

Debby...... Come on, you'll love it! :LOL:
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darn it! it's on the same time as CSI ! and this week looks GOOD (csi I mean)
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Oh well crap, it's on the same time as Will & Grace....so there goes that peek I was talking about.
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You all need to get TiVo! We have TiVo and it's great.... the bad part about it though, is you can't change the channel while it's recording. So, I just go in the other room.
Airprincess, I love CSI, too!
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