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Happy St. Pat's and Congrats

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I just have to share with you all:
Today is a very special day for my mother. She has worked for St. Patrick's Hospital for over 20 years now, and the hospital always holds their awards banquet on the day honoring their namesake. So today my mother receives recognition for her 20 years of service!!!!

This is especially poignant now, as it's been an incredibly difficult year for her. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001 and has been on chemo off and on ever since, but she's never missed more than an occasional day of work, no more than most normal folks during cold/flu season. EVERYONE who knows her has remarked how incredibly strong she is/has been.
In August 2004 that strength was put to the test: she lost her husband suddenly (due to a brain aneurysm). In December she began a round of chemo that really knocked her for a loop, and she was unable to work for most of January and February. Her supervisors and co-workers have been incredible, and her church family have been an amazing support, especially since I am currently living 2000 miles away!!

So I'd just like to salute my mom, a wonderful parent, a fantastic nurse and a tower of strength to all who know her. Including her furbabes: Pansy, Tuxedo, Shadow, Midnight and Cinnamon the 90-lb lapdog!!!!
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That's wonderful for your mom! She absolutely deserves such an honor. Both my grandmother and her sister had colon cancer, so I know what a battle that can be and how truly strong a woman your mother must be! Congrats to her!!
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to your mother!
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What a brave woman your mom is! You must be so proud. She has to be a very special lady for all her co-workers and church family to be so supportive. Congrats to her.
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Congrats to your mother, you must be so proud of her.
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From one nurse to another...I tip my cap to her!
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