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Good Cat Toys

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There must be a wealth of ideas here on what makes good cat toys... and what doesn't make good cat toys.

Frodo now has the usual balls, chew toys, mice, and such. But I was wondering if he is missing out on something that would really get him excited and occupied for hours on end.

Suggestions of what toys your cat absolutely adores?
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My cats LOVE Kitty Hoots toys!

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I spent some of my food money and got Buddy a laser and it's a great toy around here. 10 dollars and hours of fun.. of course you have to push the button and point so it is still a little bit of work. I wonder how long the batteries will last. Even KC likes it enough and it seems to give them both something to do that almost takes Buddys focus off of KC which allows her to interact more.
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I checked this brilliant book out of the library a few months ago. I started a thread about it but it must have been lost in "the great crash". Anyway, it was all about homemade cat toys. The one that my three got a kick out of was very, very, very easy to make.

Take an empty tissue box and tape the top opening closed.
Cut a small paw sized hole on the side of the box.
Slip in a furry mouse toy, jingle ball or whatever you like.
Watch your cat go nuts trying to get the item out of the box.
The book said that would speak to the cat's mouse hunting instinct.

All three of mine enjoyed theirs until they eventually tore it to pieces.

I'll try and remember to check the book back out of the library to share the title. But I think that it's out of print.
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Little balls of paper.

Merlin, L.S., Ho Ho, and my friend's cat Rascal all go nutsy over small little balls of paper. They'll carry it around and play with it for hours.
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smokey has his own paper bag that he likes to hid in and jump out of. both cats like the empty toilet rolls but they dont get them very often because i get embarressed about haveing them turn up at the wrong time (visitors)
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