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St. Patricks Day

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Today was St. Paddys Day... anyone wear green today? Or eat corned beef and cabbage ? I wore a green shirt under my jumper today... But I didnt eat the corned beef and cabbabe though .... I love corned beef and cabbage. Saturday is the Paddys day parade here in town ... I am going to try to make the parade. Chicago even turns the river downtown a green color.

How was your St. Paddy Day? And do you Irish people have any traditions that you practice today?
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My family had corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight but I'm a vegetarian and don't like cooked cabbage so I made myself something else. There was some green in the print of my shirt but I don't own a solid green shirt.

My great grandpa was from Irelend but I never knew him.
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My shirt is green, with a white shamrock, trimmed with green rhinestones and features the saying "Everyone loves an Irish girl".

This is the one day that I wear green, as I don't care for it.

As for the corned beef and cabbage - Can't get the nasty stuff past my nose!
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I made patoe soup. Wife thinks I should cook for her since she could go into labor any day.

Was kind of hoping the kid would be born today but alas it did not happen.

Don't think I wore any green today was thinking about other things.

As for cabage can't remember the last time I had it. Like it once in a while.

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I did St. Pat's right yesterday! Got to our groups site on the parade route around 8:30 am dressed in the warmest green clothes I had (it was about 45 degrees and drizzly outside ) We all had a big breakfast there and started the...um...celebrating. By the time the parade got to our area, it was 11am and we were feeling no pain if ya know what I mean Afterwards, we all went to a party at someone's house and everyone brought tons of yummy foods and ate it by the fireplace.
Bradley and I were so pooped that we were asleep by 8 last night! Tonight we are going to my mom's, where she is cooking corned beef, cabbage, and carrots for us, my brother, his girlfriend, and 6 of his fraternity brothers!
This weekend, the partying continues on River Street
God bless Savannah, St. Patrick's Day capital of the South!!!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
God bless Savannah, St. Patrick's Day capital of the South!!!

Last year on St. Patty's Day I was in Savannah visiting my Grandparents! I went to the parade and everything. I must admit you guys are the St. Patty's Day capital of the south! It was great! Bitter sweet this year though because I lost my Grandpa a couple months ago. The parade last year was one of the last wonderful memories I have with him.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather I'm glad you have some wonderful, green-tinted memories of him though!
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I worked a black tie event for the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Got to get really prettied up. Got free beer, and sat and watched 700 drunk men in tuxes. The start of the event had them singing & a procession of kilted men with bagpipes; it was so loud, so beautiful, very moving.

I got hit on really bad, but got a phone number of one of the guys I liked hitting on me! Then somehow made my way across the river to meet up with a slew of friends at a neighborhood bar. Then that slew met up with a slew I invited from the black tie thingy, and we all partied til they kicked us out at 2am. So then we walked to a gal's house that lived nearby, watched "Saw" and well the night ended for me at 4:45, when I got home & wondered why I drank so much... the pictures taken last night are scary but funny. Guinness galore & loads of interesting expressions.

Today, having the worst hangover on earth, but Taco Bell just made it a bit better. Feet hurt from those dang high heels. They are pretty dang high heels but lord, I am used to flats or being barefoot.

Back to my hangover... glad everyone did something to celebrate St. Pat's!
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I'm so boring......don't have anything green to wear, but did go out last night for corned beef and cabbage! Yum!!!!
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Didn't wear green but did get to watch my Mountaineers beat Creighton in the final minute!!!!! Green isn't a WVU color
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