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hard stools

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What can I do to soften my cats stools? Muffie spent last weekend in the ER because she had a blockage and I noticed last night that her stools are very hard. I sure don't want another repeat of last weekend.
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canned pumpkin
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Encourage water consumption, look into the many cat fountains like Drinkwell or Pet Mate. Loose leaf organic catnip is also a good way to add fiber to the cat's system, if he eats it. Mashed and cooked green beans, yams or just canned pumpkin will work as well. But best is to get the kitty to drink more water-
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Make sure she's eating canned food. Canned food contains lots of moisture, and water is what will help keep her system moving efficiently. Even so, if you can get away with it, sneak a bit more water into the food.

You can add a little olive oil, about 1/4 teaspoon, mixed in to each meal. Or try powdered psylllium husks (available at health food stores) mixed with some spring water to form a thick liquid, and added to each meal. It's very effective.

Pureed canned pumpkin (plain, no added spices) is usually tolerated well by most cats when mixed into food. It contains lots of fiber. If your kitty is prone to this problem, try adding a small amount of veggies like pureed or grated zucchini, green peas, grated raw carrots to her food several times a week. Small amounts of veggies (about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) are fine for cats and add fiber to help avoid constipation.
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or you can just simply add a bunch of water to the wet food so it is soupy and the cat will probably just drink it all up cuz it smells and tastes like cat food
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Actually that doesn't always work. Sometimes the water dilutes the smell and the cat refused the food and the water. If you use homemade beef or chicken broth with no spices, that will encourage more fluid intake
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Canned pumpkin is good. You can also use a hairball remedy like laxaire to help lube things up along her digestive tract.
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Thanks everyone. I did get to eat some pumpkin. I'm taking her to my regurlar vet tomorrow to have her checked over. The ER charged me $900.00 and I sure can't afford to back their.
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