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Sometimes, there are Angels~~

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I wanted to post this on the S.O.S Board because this Board in particular is so deeply rooted in compassion and rescue. The subjects of this Board are intense and many times overwhelming. My friend found these two kittens in a dumpster, left to perish just last week. She took them home and networked around...but no luck. But she grew attached to them, and now I am pleased to say they have a wonderful, permanent home! I hope she joines TCS very soon.

I also wanted to thank every one of the membership here who are so much a part of rescue and recovery.

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Awww, I am glad your friend found those poor sweet babies.
It really gets to me how people can throw these poor babies out like trash!

Give her a big thanks from me!
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Tell her way to go!
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I look forward to hearing her tell us about the experience (reading about it at least). They are so cute, I do not understand how people can do that.
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what adorable little faces...she will get back 100 times what she puts into caring for them, wait and see
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Would you look at those little cherubs! They still have their baby blue eyes as well

E your friends an angel alright and she's certainly earned her wings when the time comes

Oh i just want to scoop them up and give them some soft talking and loving
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Those kitties are lucky to have a good hearted person to give them a good home.
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What lucky kittens to have found you.

It burns my a$$ when I hear stories like this. What is WRONG with some people?

God Bless all of you for being there.
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Oh my gosh!!!!! Look how tiny! They are so very adorable!

The first one looks like my Goose and he was found by my husband at a gas station dodging cars at knock off time. He wouldn't have made it if he hadn't had brought him home. Our intentions were to find him a home too but just couldn't stand to see him go!

Congratulations to her! What a wonderful job!
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It amazes me that someone could look at those sweet faces, and throw them in a dumpster. How could they listen to their tiny little meows, and just drop them in? How could they listen to their terrified cries (surely they were crying), and just walk away? I cannot fathom it.

Thank your friend for rescuing these tiny babes! She needs to join TCS so we can watch these little ones grow up!
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What a wonderful friend you have. Bless her heart! Those kittens are going to be something special and should be cherished! I know from experience that dumpster-kitties are fantastic!! Your friend is just the best!!
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