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OMG.. keep us posted!
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I am on the edge of my seat, sending you good vibes and praying for kitty to come home!
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Thanks for the link and the warm wishes guys! She hasnt seen the kitty yet today as of 11:30am EST anyway. She said shes going to call when she does. Her neighbor apparently is away (uggghhh), but I called and left a message with them anyway. I am playing voicemail tag with the woman who called last night, and I asked her again if I could come by after work and set up the trap. i will tell her that I will come by and check it in the morning and during lunch and then after work. Oh man I hope she stays put in that neighborhood! Maybe I'll come home to a voicemail that she has her =( Keeping my fingers crossed but afraid to get my hopes up again. I will keep you guys posted!
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I do so hope you find her! But it is good htat you have a real hope at last.
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Mooie returned on Palm Sunday from being missing for five weeks. We really had given up hope and assumed that maybe someone was feeding him/taking him into their home, or he had found his previous owner.

Moo Cat is a stray, neutered male, and we began caring for him when he appeared at our doorstep after (as yourself) putting food out in hopes that Mysty would return. This was the fall of 2003. Instead of Mysty returning, we brought Punky, a malnourished and weak feral tortie kitten into our home,
and Mooie, who took up residence on our back porch.

Mooie left when we had a warm spell, which was followed by a horrible winter storm, more cold, freezing days, and more snow. The day he returned, we saw a cute, petite white and soft grey patched older kitten bounding about the yard and the back porch. It was getting close to sunset that day, and who was sitting patiently at the back door, but Mooie, as if nothing had happened! We were shocked and really surprised. Mooie looked the same and it was as if he had never gone missing for so long. I just thought I have bad luck with male cats (Mysty), and we lost Mooie, too. That day turned out to be such a pleasant surprise!

As yourself, I, too, canvassed the neighborhood for Mysty. I went walking door to door in tears, dropping off lost cat fliers to the neighbors on an extremely busy road near us. I was in tears because the cars traveled so fast on this death trap road that no animal had a chance if he tried to cross it.

Some stories have happy endings, so I sincerely hope that your kitten returns home. Good luck to you!
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So excited to hear about the siting! Please God let it be her!!!

Please update us as soon as you hear something!!! I'm praying for a happy ending!
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ooh! that is such a hopeful story. I keep waiting to come home to that little face waiting at my door. I'm playing the waiting game now. I'm still waiting for the woman who saw her to call me back to let me know if I can set up the trap in her yard. I went down there with my mom and she wasn't home.. however the neighbors were (the yard she was actually seen in). They seemed kind of not very interested in the situation. They haven't seen the kitty in the yard, just the neighbor has (the woman who called me), and the lady who called me is a stay at home mom so that would make sense, since the others are gone all day. They let us look around their back yard and call her but they didn't seem very interested in helping much more than that. THey said they would keep a lookout and their little boy was asking his parents if they coould leave food out. He seemed determined lol. Anyway, now I just wait I guess. I will call the woman again tomorrow morning if she hasn't called me yet and I will ask if I can set up the trap at lunchtime. I feel like every day that goes by she's getting further.. ugg. I was sneaky though and i sprinkled some dry cat food and cat nip in the woman who saw her's yard so maybe she'll come over thre since she seems very helpful and is trying to catch her
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haha about the sneakiness! That's cute...and a good idea! I woulda done it too!

Now watch them have a hundred cats in their yard in the morning! haha!!! Hey, just as long as yours is one of them!
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Hang in there! We fed a stray for 6-7 months and finally got close enough to let us pet him, apply some flea meds and ear mite meds and then he was gone for 3 months, turned up again with a torn ear, walked into our house and hasn't left since!

The pic is os the cat I mentioned in this post, he is very comfortable indoors now as you can tell
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as I was sitting here reading these new posts I heard the trap shut on my poarch and it was that sweet black kitty I had caught last weekend. Him and another mixed (orange and white) cat have been visting my buffet each night I have it out. I've seen the orange and white one in my yard before when I had my kitty, but not the black one. I ran up to see who I caught and i felt terrible!!! He was so scared!!! I felt so bad since I had already caught him once and he was so sweet and crying to get into my house once I released him. He sat with me for about a half an hour that day. I caught him in video last night eating a TON from the buffet, not like the other cat who just nibbled, so i think he's really hungry. Anyway he was freaking out in the cage banging from side to side, it almost had me in tears. I tried to calm him and started to open the trap and he hissed loudly, so I went inside to get the feliway and my gloves.. i sprayed some feliway and he calmed down and was in this tight little ball, body breathing heavy oh my God I felt so bad. I opened the trap and at first there was nothing.. then he bolted. I don't even want to open my trap anymore now, i feel so terrible for this kitty. At least I know he's getting fed at night but he was so scared. Oh man, I just want to find my kitten so I don't have to trap anymore. After this whole thing I think i will still leave a can of food outside for these little guys, even if my kitty comes home. I had no idea they were even out there until this (of course then I also worry that I will lure other owners kitties to my yard when they should be trying to get come- bitter sweet).
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A can of food or even just a bowl of dry can really help, we end up feeding many many strays, I look at it this way, for every stray I feed soemone is doing a nice thing for another persons lost kitty.
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Your story is heart wrenching . I have been following this post for the last week and I pray every morning before I turn my PC on that you will have found your sweet kitten. My gut feeling is- you will have him home soon. Sending good vibes your way!!
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Originally Posted by susanmly
Your story is heart wrenching . I have been following this post for the last week and I pray every morning before I turn my PC on that you will have found your sweet kitten. My gut feeling is- you will have him home soon. Sending good vibes your way!!
I have the same feeling, you'll have the cat back, just give it time and keep doing exactly what you're doing
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oh your support helps so much! If it weren't for all you guys I would have given up long ago. The second i start to give up and realize she's not coming home, I come on here and it changes my whole outlook. I hope all of you are right. So far, still no phone call (i'm guessing she was weirded out by my request to trap, but I think she is still looking for her. She seemed genuinly conerned for the kittens welfare outdoors).

I'll keep you updated. I hope I have good news soon.
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I hope you do, too!!! We won't ever let you give up on her!

Still hoping and praying for good news everytime I open up this thread!!!
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Update... god god! This is killing me! The woman who's been seeing my kitty just called. The kitty was just on her poarch at her back door!!!! The woman's husband tried to pick her up and she ran. Damn it damn it!- I bet it was because I threw that food in her yard and the catnip yesterday!! I am on my way over there now to leave food, her bed and catnip on the poarch. She doesn't want me to leave the trap because she's afraid i'll catch a racoon and she has little children, so i'm going to put the food in her kitty carrier so if she goes in they can just close the door and trap her that way. oh man!!!
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YAY!!! I'd hurry up and get over there and call for her for a bit, just in case she is close enough to hear you still!!!

Please God let the happy ending come soon!!!

Good luck and keep us posted!!! I'm so excited! I'm here for another 2.5 hours with ya!
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Me too! I know I will check back again and again....be patient. Walk softly, sit on the ground if you have to at her level.....bring your old, scented clothing......
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keep us updated!!!! fingers and paws crossed here
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I sware you guys are the only one's who don't think I'm nuts by now! I turned down the womans street and just as I got near her house my headlights cought little eyes in road.. it stopped and looked at me, all I could see were the eyes and then it darted into the lawn across the street! i know it was a kitty for sure but it was too dark to tell if it was her! But it was coming out of her yard and the car scared her so she ran. I sat out there crouched down to eye level, with food in hand calling and calling then sitting and listening- nothing!!! How can I be so close! =( Anyway, so I left dry cat food in the cat carrier in her bowl. I brought her bed that she always laid ni and put a bunch of cat nip in it. The woman said her husband, who saw her, heard her crying at the door!! That breaks my heart. She is a very very vocal kitty so this would go with her personality. She's crying because she's hungry.. ohh! So he went in the house to get food to try to lure her and she was running away when he got back. God i hope she keeps coming back there and I hope she doesn't mind me coming to fill up the food each day. I dno't think raccoons like cat food because we have tons of racoons in my yard and i haven't cought even one going near my kitty buffet.
I did catch the one in my trap though, hrm. Anyway!

It kills me that I can't set up my trap on her poarch, I would feel so much better but at least she's helping me. Thank God she's a stay at home mom so I know she's home during the day and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.

It took everything in me to walk away from her house and get back in my car and leave.

Thank you guys for caring so much and for all of your hope, prayer and wishes. It means so much!
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Charmed Cats, our Mooie hasn't left the porch! Since he returned from being missing for five weeks (I'd like to know where he spent those FIVE weeks!), he's been hanging around the yard and the porch. He's eating and drinking normally, in fact, he ate like a pig when he returned, but he appears to be in the same state of mind as your Samuel Cat.

Two days ago I saw Mooie being chased by our shed cat (a feral I've been feeding that lives under the back shed) towards the front of our house. Apparently, Mooie was nosing around in the back yard and entered shed cat's domain while shed cat was there.

Mooie also brought back a buddy, an adorable white with grey/brown patches cat that must have followed him home. This cat was eating shed cat's food when shed cat returned, prompting shed cat into fight mode, and chasing the new white cat visitor about fifteen feet up a tree... The poor white cat just stayed up the tree while shed cat finished off his dinner, then safely climbed down the tree, and slipped out of the yard.

Geesh, these cats are so territorial! Maybe Mooie insists on defending his territory; the porch and the back of the house!

Since I started putting food out hoping for Mysty to return, I continue to put out food, even if it's just a bowl of dry, but the food is prompting squabbles. Why can't cats just get along??!
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Too bad you can't camp out in your car for a night-
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I know. If I didn't have to work tomorrow morning I would, trust me. I was all excited about the weekend coming so I'd have the time to do whatever needs to be done, but of course, our whether forcast is torrential rains for the next 4 days (tomorrow was supposed to be nice but a little drizzle, the rest of the weekend a wash). Kitties supposidly stay under shelter and not mobile during those times so hopefully she'll stay under that ladies' poarch. All i can do is refill the food and put flyers all down that street tomorrow.

I still keep putting food outside.. i feel terrible about that kitty I trapped last night still.. I hope I didn't scare him away from my food (i don't have the trap open right now).. so I hope he comes to eat still and didnt' get too freaked out. If someone else is missing him, I can trap himin the future.
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hehe Charmed Cats- your kittty is so cute, looks just like an old kitty I used to have! it looks like he lounging in your house quite nicely!! =) He looks very loved.
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oh Kt, I feel so horrible for you! Gosh, what if that kitty was yours!!! It sounds like you're getting so close to finding her!!! I'll continue to pray for you and your kitty!!!
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Thank you lacey! Ok, so I came home to a message from Tina (the one who's seeing the kitty), she says "i was hoping you'd be home, i have your cat in my arms, trying to get her into the kitty carrier but she's scratching the hell out of me. I was hoping you could come over and help. I'm going to keep trying but my kids are in the car and I have to leave. I dont' want to put her in the house because no one willb e home so ll keep trying and let you know".

I seriously don't know how much more of this I can handle. The ups and downs are so terrible and I don't even know if this is all jsut false hope or what. I have no idea. I'm so pissed that that woman didn't jsut put her in her house. In the bathroom or something, anything. Get her in the friggen house! (sorry, but I'm getting so frustrated with this). She had her in her arms!!!

I called her back immediately but no answer. I left her a voicemail telling her to put her in the bathroom or a closed room and I will come over immediately, if she see's her again.

I went over there anway with a big bag of food for her and more catnip. She wasnt' there but the husband was and he let me come in. He told me that she seems to be showing up around 5 each day so if I wanted to come by tomorrow at 5 I could. It is supposed to be a torrential downpour storm tomorrow. Great.

He seemed willing to bring her in the house though. They even have a large cardboard box he said maybe he could put her in there.. i said "go ahead! tape it up! I dont' care, I jsut want to come and see if it's her. If it is I can handle her."

The good news is that Tina said that she has no problem coming to her and she showed her where the food was so I am praying (quite literally) that she will stay there at her house.

I missed her call by seriously a half an hour. It's killing me. I'm almost scared to get that call "i have her in the house"- the whole ride there, preparing myself that it's not her.. but it might be, but what if it's not.... that part, will be the worste.

I'll keep updating. I hope to see any "found kitty" post on the board very very soon!!

ps. My kitty's name is Tek,but we always call her "kitty" or "doodle' that's what she responds to.

She's named after Jason Varitek, catcher for the Red Sox, so she better be home by opening day!!! (April 3rd!) She was my good luck charm last year since I got her in October just as the playoffs were starting.. and we all know what happened next! =)
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oh my gosh!!! Blasted woman! If she didn't want the kitty in her house, then why not the garage or something!?!?! HOW COULD SHE BE THAT CLOSE AND JUST LET HER GO? That frustrates me, so I can only imagine how much you are frustrated!!!

So close!!!

Such a good sign, though! But, I just PRAY that you all can catch her before she wonders too far away or gets near a road or something.

Geez, this makes me feel sick to my stomach!!!

By the way, this lady has a pic (or a mental picture) of what Tek looks like, right? I just hope she isn't getting your hopes up and has a different cat.

Oh, God, please let them catch Tek!!! And NEXT TIME, please knock some sense into the lady and guide her to put the kitty in the house or bathroom or garage or something...and not just let her go!
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Originally Posted by kteegirl24

.....She's named after Jason Varitek, catcher for the Red Sox, so she better be home by opening day!!! (April 3rd!) She was my good luck charm last year since I got her in October just as the playoffs were starting.. and we all know what happened next! =)

That is so very cute!! I wish we had a respectable team.... I could've chosen something for Saba . KT honestly, my heart goes out to you. You just have to keep calm and focused, don't move too fast or too slow....it's truly agonizing, I do know. After my beloved SiSi disappeared, I got a call from a lady across the way saying a petiteTortie was in her backyard all the time.....I didn't ask one question, I just got on my bike and rode over....and I waited 3 hrs in the rain to see.....but it wasn't her. I went home and was inconsolable. BUT! This might be very different......and I am still praying.
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trust me I know! I dont' know why she didnt' call my cell phone. She's a nice lady but I don't think she understands the urgency. They dont' have pets.

In her arms and she just let her go. THe husband was liek "where does she go at night? Under the deck?" lol- they have no clue. I really want to talk to Tina but we always play voicemail phone tag. I gave the husband my cell phone number too to call me at anytime.

They have to hear the desperation in my voice. Their little boy was *very* interested and concerned. He kept saying "so it's YOUR kitty that's lost? The one that is here is your Kitty??"- so that's good.

Yes, it's funny- when I got the original call from the lady the next street down that she saw her in her yard, I went and posted some posters around that neighborhood. There's a couple streets around there. I apparently, put one right on Tina's street. That's why she called. She said she looks like the cat on the poster. Then she said "she's kind of small right??"

she IS small! I used to tease how she was getting a little fatty belly, cause her head was still kitten small, and her legs and butt still kitten small,but her belly was long and getting round =). After almost 3 weeks out now, I bet she has no belly.. so I'm glad she got a little fat =(.

I even asked her 'you saw the poster right?" she said "yeah" I said "and she looks like the cat on the poster"? She said "yes. I'm just new to the area so I didn't even put two and two together, I didn't know if it was one of my neighbors cats".

Her deck and door resemble mine.. so I think she feels comfortable there. I just want her in the house. I share your frustration.They had two sheds, a basement, a bathroom- geez, she's not a wild animal, although someone who doesn't have pets and has two small children probably feels that way. Ugg!!
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