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how exciting!! Make sure you print out this thread and wave it under the nose of the people who 'found' and kept her so they know the worry and hurt they caused you.
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I Agree if there is a dispute you have lots of proof!!
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I just hope its her. if it is will you take her back or let her stay with these new 'owners'?
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Trust me I wanted to! I've left work several times already for potential sightings so I'm trying to hold off, but I'm leaving now. I'll let you know (and thanks for thinking of me!)
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YAY!!! I almost wrote earlier to see if there were any updates, but then got busy at work. This is wonderful! I'm so excited about Napoleon!!! And I HOPE HOPE HOPE that this kitty is TEK!!!

YAY!!! Can't wait for an update!!!

:::fingers crossed:::
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oh KT hon, this is wonderful news about the new addition, Napoleon. What a gift from God to you. You are a good mama!

Now my dear, please do not get your hopes up. I know what your heart is feeling and it's probably beating so very fast.....but very few people would ever distort the truth about the circumstances in finding a kitty. Especailly if they have the heart to bring it to the vet.... everything will be ok.
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Oh I do wish you good luck! It could turn out like those stories of people wh adopt, only to get pregnant almost at once. But as already said, don't get too excited, you have been disappointed so many times. Whatever the outcome, all the best with little Napoleon ( great name - he is one of my heroes)
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haha Ai love the pic of the kitty in the toilet jenny! Sasha and Lacey again, thanks so much for everyones support here. I just got back and it's realllly hard to say. The kitty looks just like Tek, there is nothing about her that says it doesn't look like her. Nothing at all but something in me just feels like it's not her. The eyes on this kitty were bigger, and the face more mature. Damn it why didn't I know about microchipping when I had her!! Anyway, the vet seems to think it's not Tek because this kitty was 5.0 pounds and when I brought Tek in there last she was 4.5 pounds, and that was 3 months ago so they think Tek would be bigger. Also the couple says when they found this kitty it was still kitten sized. My cat was still a kitten but not tiny, just small. Like a very small adult, not yet full grown but not kitten sized. Anyway, the cat was pretty out of it and his pupils were dialiated so I couldn't hear her cry or anything and her eyes looked out of it so it was hard to tell. I really don't think it's her but I'm going again tonight with some pictures to tell for sure. I think the cat in the vet might have full white back feet and my kitty only had white on his back paws (just the tips, not the whole foot) so I'm going to double check again.

Thanks so much for the support. I'm still searching for my baby. I don't think I'll ever give up. I think I'm going to order post cards next and mail them out around my neighborhood so people at least know she's still missing. In the meantime I am falling in love with little napoleon. He is very small and maybe was given away too early because he tries to nurse on me.. he licks my lips and then starts sucking and his paws on each side.. he also climbs through my hair searching desperatley for a nipple on my neck (there is not one there!! =) The poor thing misses his momma it's so sad. So i just cuddle him and even though he does eat out of a bowl very good and he drinks ok (seems like he's still trying to figure it out) I have a little bottle and filled it with kitty milk and he lays with me and he laps it up. He seems very comforted after that. He had big trouble with pooping when he first got to me (sorry if this is gross), but the poor guy was crying out in terrible pain everytime he tried to go, and he couldn't. He was definitely having problems and there was somethign white in his little bum so i took him to the emergency room. They think it's probably kitty worms so they gave him medicine. He still seems uncomfortable when he goes, but he's going!

Anyway, I am growing very attached to him. Even though I'm not entirely sure if I'm ready, and I feel bad getting a new one so soon after my baby is gone, but I don't see it like that anymore. I see it as if Tek comes home, they will both have a brand new friend.. and just because I love this new little guy soooo much, it doesn't mean that I have moved on.. it just means I have more love to give. And he is certainly making me realize that I am ready to love again, since it seems to be so easy to love him and since I wasn't done loving Tek in the first place.
Besides, I was going to get Tek a buddy this summer anyway because I felt bad leaving him home alone while I was at work. Same goes for Napoleon now. So, if Tek doesn't come back, I am still going to get another kitten from her Mom's litter this summer if she has them. That way I have another new friend for Napolean and it will be a part of my little girl Tek.

thank you all for your love and support through out this entire ordeal. It has been very difficult and heart braking and I'm not sure how I would have made it through without you guys. I am still hoping that one day I can write you guys that email that I've been wanting to write since I found this site, that my baby is home. I'm sure we all are wanting to write an email like that, or else we wouldn't be on this site if we didn't have loss.

I'm so glad to have your support.
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I'm so sorry you haven't found Tek. I understand what you mean about Napoleon, it is so easy to fall in love with them, isn't it? He is adorable in the all the photos, and I am glad to hear you are taking such good care of him.
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Loving Napoleon is not betraying Tek in any way - as you said it means you have more love, not that you are sharing it. Thank goodness love doesn't come rationed! Napoleon sounds as if he needs a lot of it right now - he must be missing his mom. Good luck.
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When I came back from lunch I was hoping for really good news from you. When I read your post I didn't know how to respond. It was like when I had reported Sheba missing and I got a call about a found cat the next day. Of course the description wasn't even close. But I know what you are feeling. And what you are feeling about Napoleon.

Your quote"and just because I love this new little guy soooo much, it doesn't mean that I have moved on.. it just means I have more love to give. And he is certainly making me realize that I am ready to love again, since it seems to be so easy to love him and since I wasn't done loving Tek in the first place."

is how I felt when I got Bakker and my feelings about Sheba.

So I wish you luck on your continued search for Tek and on your new little one!!
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Hi there--
I've been following your thread for awhile now and just wanted to give you my sympathy and let you know I've been thinking about you and your Tek. I am happy to hear you and Napoleon are bonding so well, and glad that you aren't alone anymore!
I wish you much luck and hope to find your Tek soon. Losing either of my cats is one of my biggest fears, and I can't even imagine how sad and scary it must be for you. Oliver, Emma and I will be keeping you and Tek in our prayers.
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Kt, you are awesome. Seriously. You have handled this whole ordeal very well...I admire you for it.

That kitty could very well be Tek...It's been missing for a while, so it could have stayed small...and also Tek would be months older now, so that could be why it looks more mature. Still, though, if you have a feeling it isn't Tek, then it just might not be. I'd still go back and try to match up markings if I were you. Those people could be stretching the truth on the details and whereabouts of finding the kitty, just so they won't have to lose the cat if it were really Tek.

Hang in there girlie. I expect more pictures of Napoleon soon, so get on it!
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oooh!! You guys are so wonderful! Each and every one of you who have posted to me. I read every single reply and you are all just so wonderful.

I did go back to see the cat in the vet again, it was much more alert. Still not cries though and Tek was extremely vocal. She cried the second she saw me to be picked up. She was always making little sounds. Behavior can change but I just didn't sense it was her. I needed to bring my mom with me though just to make sure! I also brought more pictures and even my mom was awestruck at the similarity. The only difference we could see was that Tek's hind legs were only white up to the paw, and this cat's white extended more onto the leg. Also, it had one white pad and 4 black ones on his paw, my Tek had all black pads. Other than that the only difference was this cat had a more mature face. Tek's face was still more of that kitten sweet look, even as she got older, she didn't seem to lose that look.. but it has been 3 months. This would have been a whole lot easier if I just had her chipped, but thank god I took so many pictures of her!

I'm probably going to do another round of "still lost" flyers in the mile radius around my house and maybe run another add in the paper. She has to be out there somewhere.

I took Napoleon to the vet today and he's doing just fine. The discomfort was probably round worms they say but he tested negative for worms as of now. Still need to get him another round of pills in a few weeks though...and he is getting chipped!
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What a bummer for you!!! On the other hand I'm glad Napoleon is doing well.
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What a little doll Napoleon is! And what a purrfect name! I hope the cat at your vet clinic IS Tek -- what a wonderful day this would be for you! Even if not, you have Napoleon now to love and care for. Your sister knew which kitten would be "just right" for you!
Congratulations! Napoleon is a lucky little boy!
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I am still keeping up to date with your thread and I admire your perseverance

The new kitty is such a cute little bundle... awwwww please give him kiss from me
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Tell me again the story about Sheba and Bakker .. I am trying to read back in the thread..
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Sheba disapeared Sept 26th. On Oct 5th I found her body behind my neighbor's garage. He plead guilty to misdeamnor cruelty to animals on May 9th. I got bakker from a rescue organization about mid November. Even though I still had 3 other cats. Sheba was "mine". When I went to the rescue I was orginally looking for an older female but he persisted in climbing my leg like a million times!! He looks nothing like Sheba however she must be giving him tips on how to act. He just started this week to crawl under the covers like she used to. If he goes outside (with a collar and a bell) he really doesn't stray to far from me or the house. I think however he will never the "mine" like Sheba was but for now that is ok. Everytime I see Tek's picture there eyes and in fact the face picture on the left reminds me so much of Sheba. So that is the short version but I'm hoping that Tek's fate is better than Sheba's was.
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You're so great for never giving up hope!
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any news?
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I too am so very sorry for what you are going through. If I were in your shoes, I'd be an absolute basket case and you have handled this all so well!! I so hope you find him. I had a friend whose cat was missing for a year and she lost him in a car accident not far from where her folks lived but 4 hrs from her home. Someone found him, saw a poster she had placed there and it was him!! This could happen to you too - not the one year part - but fnding your baby!!

Take care of yourself annd I will think good vibes for you and your kitty.
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Oh Gail! That is sooo horrible. i hope that man went to jail!! Aweful. Maverick and everyone else I'm still around, and still looking for my baby. I haven't had any luck at all. I'm afraid with the coyotes (my neighbor saw one in his yard recently) that she may not have made it.. that possibly this is why she dissapeared in the first place and why I haven't even seen a sighting of her with my eyes even once. But who knows, the strays have lived out there so long. Anyway I am going to order some post cards and send "still missing" cards out there again.

In the meantime I am in love with my new little one Napoleon too. He is more aggressive than Tek, but he is a sweet heart at night. He licks everything! he licks my face like he is cleaning me and he kisses. it's the cutest thing. He 's like a little dog. I'm having a hard time with him right now beceause i took him outside on a harness and leash. I will not let him be an outdoor cat. I can't go through that again but he cries at the door like i'm torturing him. Like he's in physical pain lol. It's heartbreaking but I can't do it. Anyway. here's some pics of my new little man!

I still have hope I'll at least see Tek again someday. I miss her so much still. She was just a baby, only 7 months so it's tough. Good luck to everyone out there looking for their kitties and thank you for still thinking of me.
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aww! Napoleon is soooooooooooooo adorable! Thanks for updating us
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Napoleon is adorable! congrats on raising him and staying up with a small kitty

I'm sure you'll either find Tek or you'll fall in love with Napoleon and always keep Tek in your heart
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Awww Napoleon is so gorgeous. I hope he soon gets over his desire to be outside. I would love for you to be able to see Tek again - I admire your perseverance. Tek and Napoleon certainly found themselves the perfect home!
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oh KT I am so glad for you and Napoleon! A tabby with white socks, how grand, and tabbies always have a very soft spot in my heart. I really feel Tek watching over you now.
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I agree he is very cute!!! Bakker is a licker too- I almost changed his name to Likker.
I would whereever Tek is she's safe.
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Although obviously you will never forget Tek, I am so glad you are enjoying little Napoleon. He is a really sweet cat.
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