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Originally Posted by MyLilScout

I know this is an extremely long shot but I saw this on Boston's Craig's List. It is a finding in Waltham, and I couldn't remember exactly where you were, so I wanted to let you know about it, since the found cat is a grey tiger.


Oh how nice of you to post this for her, I hope she sees this! My Dad lives in Belmont, right next door to Waltham. I could have him check to see if it is a match? What do you think?
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wow! Wouldn't it be the greatest thing ever if this was Tek!!?!?!? Maybe you should PM her about this, so she will get it quicker.
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SashaCat - Sure the more we can all help the better!

LaceyDF - Sound like a good idea, I will do that!
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Originally Posted by MyLilScout

SashaCat - Sure the more we can all help the better!

LaceyDF - Sound like a good idea, I will do that!

Shoot, my Dad is away for the weekend to escape the Holiday crowds next weekend. I left him a voice mail at home, hopefully he will have time when he gets back Sunday night. I also sent him the CL posting via email, so he'll know the details, etc.
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I wrote the poster as well. He said it was hard to tell from the pic (I sent the one in KT's signature) but if the photo was taken awhile ago it could be him...

I sent a PM to KT with his email address and reply. Hopefully she'll see it.
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Oh, I Pray that this is KT's kitty and she gets him back!!!
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Any news?
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wow you guys are all so great! The posting for the found cat in Waltham is probably not Tek as Tek is a girl and this one says male. She's also more than and black than grey but it's worth a shot anyway. (Waltham is about a half an hour from where I live). I am really really torn right now and need advice. I have been getting extremely sad again lately because it's really hitting me that I don't think I'll see my baby again. I kicked her little toy by accident across the floor last night, it was under my bed and I just started crying. I feel guilty for not putting out more flyers or for giving up on the search, i just don't know where she is or even *if* she is anymore. I got prank phone calls from kids saying mean things "i hope your cat didn't get eaten" and other's are more "sightings" from miles away. When I ask them to pick up the cat and try to put it in their car so i can come see if it's her, i never hear back from them. Anytime someone says "yeah we saw a cat, come over and look" i never see anything.

Today i decided to check the shelter webiste again and i saw this kitten that I fell in love with. This is her http://www.northeastanimalshelter.org/Bigcat8.htm

my heart aches because I want to go directly to the shelter and adopt her. I miss having that little buddy around and I know i could love her- but I just don't know if I'm ready yet. I feel horribly guilty when I think about loving another kitty - like I have given up on Tek or something. I dont' know what I should do. I called the shelter and she is still available, needing a loving home. She's been in the shelter for a month.

I need advice on this.. when I look at her little face it makes me cry because I miss loving and holding my baby.. so much.
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Oh get Miss Muffet. You need each other. Besides, if your baby finally comes home, they can be great playmates.
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that kitten is precious!!! If you ask me, I think you should adopt this new one...it will help you take your mind off of Tek, and you will be able to save a kitten at the same time!!! Just a thought...but I think it will help you be a lot less sad!

This kitten is just what you need to bring the sunshine back into your life!
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Kt, don't ever feel guilty. You've done so much more then the average person would have. The kitty at the shelter is adorable! If you have the love to give, go ahead and adopt this beautiful kitten. If for some reason Tek comes home, she'll have a new playmate.
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Originally Posted by susanmly
Kt, don't ever feel guilty. You've done so much more then the average person would have. The kitty at the shelter is adorable! If you have the love to give, go ahead and adopt this beautiful kitten. If for some reason Tek comes home, she'll have a new playmate.
great advice!!!
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what a cutie! i've been following your saga, but had no advice, so just lurking... but had to agree with the others that it would ease your loneliness to get Miss Muffet, & when Tek returns they can be pals!
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I've been following this thread all along too and hoping Tek would come home. You've really gone above and beyond in your efforts to find her, so please don't feel guilty. You said you've "fallen in love" wth Miss Muffet. To me, that kind of says it all. Seems like maybe you need each other. It's not that you're giving up on Tek. You're giving another beautiful little kitty a loving home, and when Tek returns she'll have you and new playmate to welcome her.
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I'd get her or another kitty. I felt that it really helped me to get another cat after Sheba's misfortune. A cat will make you feel so much better. While a new one won't replace Tek it will help you tremendously. Bakker has become such a big part of my life - sometimes I feel he has a bit of Sheba inside him!!
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sigh.. i know- you are all so right. I know it will help me. I jsut keep wondering if I'm jsut trying to find something to fill the void, and maybe only time will do it. It took me a year before I was ready the last time one of my cats never returned. I feel like it's too soon, but at the same time I think i've grown more of a love for cats since Tek because she was so amazing..sweet little baby.

I will let you all know what I end up doing and thank you so much for the advice.

Take care all.
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Originally Posted by GailC
...... Bakker has become such a big part of my life - sometimes I feel he has a bit of Sheba inside him!!
You know, Kt, Gail brings up what I want to say, and that is, if you feel pulled and drawn to this little 1/2 pint, then get her! Bring her home! She needs you and you are not abandoning Tek in any way, but you are providing a home for a wayward little one who wouldn't have a chance otherwise. Perhaps it is Tek that is giving you a sign. Animal spirits work in ways we don't always understand. I think you will feel his peace and spirit when you bring her home. I know after my best friend and beloved SiSi disappeared, shortly thereafter, Freddie arrived. He was so much like her in personality -loving, bright, constantly affectionate......
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I think you should get Miss Muffet - she looks precious! Plus, as was mentioned, when your other baby returns, they will be great playmates!
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Miss Muffet needs a home and you need a little one to take care of YOU and fill your heart with joy -- it sounds like the perfect match to me

You've done so much to find Tek -- and what you can hope now is that someone saw Tek at a shelter and took him in like you are considering doing with Miss Muffet. Or he's asleep on someone's couch because he wandered into their yard... but he's thinking of you and in a good home. Think the best hon... I know it's hard not to think the worst...

You've done everything you could to find Tek -- it IS okay for you to adopt another kitty into your home. Give yourself permission... it really is okay.

She is ADORABLE - what a face!

Keep us posted...
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So I went to the shelter last night (that is the hardest place on earth to visit I sware!) and I asked if Miss Muffet was still there and the woman said "oh yes- she's going to be here for a longgg time- she is a bit too rambunctious right now" which I thought was odd to say to a perspecive adopter, but I wanted to see her anyway. She was such a little cutie.. extremely extremely playfull. She was very rough with her play, but sweet at times too (licking your fingers) etc.. but it definitely didn't take her long to swat at you through the cage, which she was bouncing all over the place That didn't deter me though. I mean, she still needs love right? So what if she's overly playfull. However, because she was only four months her price was double all of the other cats (she was $150) because it includes costs for getting her spaid. The woman said that if I waited two more months she would be spaid by then, cheaper and more mellow. I took a deep breath and watched her play some more and I just knew that I wasn't ready yet. It had nothing to do with cheaper, or too rambunctious, but i felt like I just wasnt' ready yet to have another kitty replace my kitty's place on my pillow next to me. I decided to give myself a little bit more time and made a deal with myself that if in a month, miss Muffet is still there, i am going to go bring her home. In the meantime i am going to go full force in my search again for Tek. I had slacked off because I'm grieving but after reading more of Kat Albrechs book, I realize that is a mistake a lot of missing cat owners make. They give up to begin the grieving process, when their kittys are still out there.

Once I came home last night I had big conflicting feelings. I felt releif that I didn't have to feel guilty replacing my baby just yet.. but i also felt such sadness and guilt for leaving miss muffet at the shelter in her cage. It's a no win situation really. I'm still struggling with it. At one second I'm ready to just go grab her.. the next I'm like give it some time.

another thing... Tek's momma, apparently has kittens all the time (don't know WHY the lady doesnt get her fixed, but anyway).. I thought it would be really specicial to get one of those kittens so that it would be at least a relative of Tek. Maybe the features and personality would be similar. Could I get Miss Muffet and another baby kitty or would miss muffett be too rough?

I know I'm all over the place, but these are the thoughts running through my mind in trying to make a decision.
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Oh, Kt - I feel so bad for you. When you decide you are ready, you will NOT be replacing Tek. Please don't let yourself think that. It leads to unfounded feelings of guilt that you don't need or deserve. You are doing EVERYTHING you can, hon. You are a deep thinker with a HUGE heart. When you are ready ANY and ALL cats that adopt you will be in a wonderful loving home. If you have another cat and Tek comes home, you have plenty of love in your heart for both.
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Once, when Juniper went missing and I put up flyers everywhere, 2 kids came to the door with a black kitten that they said they had found. Well, Juniper was b/w (as the pic showed) but not knowing what would happen to this little one if I turned it away, I had to take it in. Juniper turned up two weeks later, but of course we kept Scrabble and the two became great friends. Sadly Scrabble died young, but even when I took him in I had no thought of replacing my boy, it was just another needy kitty.
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oh! such good stories! Everything you guys say really helps make me feel better since I know you guys know what this is like. It seems like no one else does and they think I'm making too much of a big deal of it. They just say "your cat's gone, get a new one".

Jenny, if you don't mind me asking what happened to Scrabble at such a young age? I often wonder if my cat went off to die or something and I didn't know she was sick (she was healthy when she left as far as my vet and I know).

Rockcat and everyone else, thanks so much for easing my mind about this.
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Just one thought-when I went to the rescue house that Bakker came from I initially went there for a older (say 2 yrs or so) female as I didn't want to start over with a kitten and I knew there are so many older cats out there needing a new home. Well when I got there and looked at all the cats and sat down Bakker and a couple of his siblings crawling up my pants leg I changed my mind. One of Bakker's siblings looked similar to Sheba and I was really torn on getting her. But I thought and the lady who ran the rescue said I would always be thinking of Sheba when I saw her and said it would be best to choose a different looking one. There are probably people who would disagree with this theory but I didn't. As I've mentioned before Bakker (aka devil boy) turned out to be the best choice for me (so what if he likes Neil's lap better than mine)
Good luck when you finally make your decision.
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GailC - I so agree with you.

Comere died in March, and I didn't think I'd be ready for another kitty for a while... but a few days after his passing I was missing that very distinctive lump on my bed... and my daughter and husband were asking when we could get a new kitty...

When I was browsing petfinder.com I had seen a few cats that looked just like Comere and decided pretty quickly that it would be too "creepy" for me to have another cat that looked like him... for the sheer fact that a new furry friend wasn't a REPLACEMENT . I think I would have always been comparing, and quite frankly, I think it would be a little confusing to the grieving process (especially for my daughter). I decided to look for an all grey/blue kitty... and Cosmo came into our lives - he was absolutely the best choice!
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Katie, don't ever feel guilty about providing a loving home to a new kitty! Of course it wouldn't be a replacement since that would be impossible. When the time is right, and you are ready, you won't be conflicted...you'll know it's right. It won't even feel like a "decision", it will feel like "home". Don't deny yourself out of guilt, but then again, don't rush into another pet before your heart is ready.
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You can't always choose what colour or type you get - Dushka, whom I rescued off the street, is the spitting image of my Sheba, who died 15 years ago at 17 from kidney failure. I even sometimes call her Sheba (I am getting absent minded already LOL) and have to explain to visitors!

Scrabble (who was coal black like Ellie) was a road victim, at a time in my life when I didn't have the freedom of choice for living location that I have now. But I am thankful that at least I knew what happened to him and he was buried in the garden. Juniper, his companion, eventually got cancer of the jaw at 16 years old.
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kt, I wish I could send you our shed cat! He (oops, it could be a female) looks a lot like Tek; a brown striped tabby with white paws, a back white leg, but with a large white scarf-like V on his neck and chest. He also has a white face and that brown tabby nose. I wish I could get close enough to take a picture of him, but he's so wild that he runs away as soon as you open the door and walk towards the backyard. It's really funny how he slowly and cautiously stalks towards his food dishes. I've been placing them under a playset platform to keep them out of the rain, if needed.

Viewing shed cat with binoculars, he has a clown-like face. That's because of the brown tabby nose which looks like it's painted on his white face with tabby lines and whiskers.

Right after we lost Mysty, I would visit the shelters and just look at all of the cats and kittens and talk to them. For some reason, I couldn't adopt a cat just then.
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Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if you guys are still reading my thread but I thought I'd update you on the latest. I had stopped getting leads and phone calls of any sort and I miss her so terribly still. My birthday is next week and my sister came to my house with a giftbag and there was a brand new teeny tiny little kitten in it for me =) His name is Napoleon and I love him!! He reminds me so much of Tek and I keep remembering all of the little things Tek used to do when he was first brought home and it's making me miss her even more. I love Napoleon so much though! He is his own little personality different than Tek. Here are some pictures! http://kteegirl.com/pics/?p=0&g=11

I'm just sitting here at work and can't wait to get home for lunch to see him, and my cell phone rang. It was my local vet calling. They said someone just brought in a female cat to get spayed and that they had "found" her in September. The vet says that he doesn't beleive them on the date because the cat does not look old enough. He said it was identical to the picture they have in the office that they have been looking at for the past 3 months. He said he even matched up the stripes. I am going straight there on my lunchbreak to see if it's Tek. If it is her this will be the happiest day of my life. To have my baby back and a new baby kitty!!

I'm hesitant to get my hopes up and the September thing wouldn't match at all (I brought home tek in October and she dissapeared in March).. but it's possible they lied about that in order to assure she was of age to get spayed.

It looks like her enough for the vet to call me anyway. The cat was found, in my town and not spayed. Just like Tek. It seems likely, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I will update you all as soon as I know.

Take care!
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That's hopefully great news about Tek and I'm glad you got a new kitten too. Its probably a coincidence but just this morning I was thinking about your and your missing cat. If it was me I would have run right over(my vet is like 10 minutes away)
Well post after lunch!!
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