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Is this a salon? I work in a salon in N.j. and Im sure your local state board would be quite amused at whats going on.How about an annonumous tip?
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It is supposed to be a massage and esthetics place, with a florist in the lobby. The more I see of it, the grosser it seems. Every time she puts something in there to make it look better, it looks worse. She has hung cheap rugs (like the ones people sell on the side of the road) on the walls, put chopped up carpet remnants on the floor, a bunch of cheap plastic shelving all over the place, and a bunch of creepy looking dolls on the shelves. There is no washer and dryer on the premises. It is pretty bizarre.
It is across from the Marine Corps firing range, where they shoot everything from handguns to tanks, and blow stuff up. Relaxing, huh?
It is very isolated, and I found out that there is a huge trailer park behind it, with hundreds of crackheads. Sounds like a prime location to get robbed or worse.
She called me today, and the way she sounded, I think there may be something seriously wrong with her. She has been having medical problems, and I think the worst may be happening. She was trying to get me to take a job that she no longer wants because they treat her badly. That is just crazy! I finally told her that I would go talk to the woman, just to shut her up. I have told her repeatedly that I do not want this job, but she persists.
I think I will just write this off as a bad experience, and her actions to a possible brain tumor. I wish her the best, and hope she gets better, but she will do it without me for a friend or coworker. I don't think I have any more patience or self control left to waste on her.
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Originally Posted by fwan
im being serious here
What if she poisoned someone so they threw up and when they died they urined on the sheets. It makes sense doesnt it? (currently studying Legal studies)
I have had so many laughts this morning , but this is the best one. I think that you have been reading to many CSI books. But BUT BUT what If you are right stranger things have happened.
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