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How disgusting can someone be?!

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I had been working for a girl that I met in school before I got my current job, and had still been helping her out some if she was over booked with appointments. She recommended me for my current job, and I am very grateful for that, but I could have gotten the same job on my own. I found out later that she no longer wanted me full time because she wanted to promote it as a black owned business.
I had left my massage table, cd player, sheets, etc, at her place, because I did not need them on my new job, and it was easier than lugging it around. I had noticed that some of my stuff had been used, and even a set of sheets was missing, but I did not say anything.
I needed my stuff to do some massages at home, so I went and got it last weekend. I had been busy, and just got around to getting the box with my supposedly clean sheets and towels out of the car. I was going through it and came upon a weird smell. The set of sheets that had been missing was returned, unwashed, and covered in vomit and urine. It was double bagged, wrapped in a blanket, and stuffed to the bottom of the box. I shudder to think what has been going on in that place when I was not there! I am currently washing and bleaching everything that had been in that box. I threw the sheets away. I have an industrial strength cleaner to clean my table.
I think rather that start a big fuss, I will just not return when she needs me. I doubt she will ask why. She hasn't called me to even ask why most of my stuff is gone.
I cannot believe someone would do that. Not only was she supposed to be my friend, but she goes on and on about how she constantly goes to church, and does so much for people. I am still sitting here shaking my head in wonder, trying not to get angry enough to confront her.
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she should have more respect for your belongings. personally if it was me i would have confronted her or at least posted her the skanky sheets anonmously
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If your sheets got that skanktified at her place of business, call the health department or the business bureau or something...that's a health risk if she's running a massage business and letting stuff get that nasty.
That sucks for you.... Some people are gross beyond belief.
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EEEEEWWWWWWW, that's just plain nasty!!!
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Actions speak louder than words. Maybe she has a valid explanation for those sheets. I certainly hope so. But she should've shared the story with you, while presenting you with clean sheets!
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arent you the least bit curious what happened to them....
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Oh jeepers that is totally gross. I would certainly be asking her what happened - also, maybe if they were in that state she might be in some need of some help - things might be happening in her life that are really bad. I can't think of people being that dirty without a reason for it.
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Yes, I am very curious. It will come out eventually. There were some red flags about this girl that I should have not ignored. If she does not "fess up soon, I may call the Massage Board anonymously and tell them she is running a house of ill repute under the guise of a massage establishment. It won't be hard to believe, since those places are rampant around here. It will at least get her investigated by several different authorities.
I know she is having some medical problems, but she does not seem to have any problem keeping her room and linens clean, or doing anything else she wants to. I helped her out for free on Valentine's Day with her flowers (the place is also supposed to be a florist, but almost never has flowers) and went with her to take her esthetician state licensing test when no one else would. I did it because I wanted to, but it seems like she would have a little respect. I just can't imagine what happened.
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some people are just freaky pigs
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I know in almost all salons/spas, there is a washing machine on premesis.. why in hell couldn't she wash them rather than leave them to be nasty, but honestly, I'm not surprised, the people in this state seem to just be really selfish and nasty. Itæß not true of othre places I've been.
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The dirty scruff bag!!!(Thats a saying from where i come from)

If that was me i'd be taking them back to her place and just throw them in front of her feet.

And i was just going to say the same as you Denise with regards to washing them herself before they got picked up, was it really that difficult?!.
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Not wishing to scaremonger - but if you have concerns about what might be happening at this establishment (the red flags you mentioned) - are you sure there is nothing suspicious happening there. If you have heard anything, consider that these sheets might be evidence before you do anything with them. Also, if you have any concerns - contact the appropriate authority.

It just seems strange that they were packaged up in such fashion.
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ewww thats horrible, but i personally i would have taken them back and confronted her theres no excuse for that, its plain disgusting
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some times friends are only friends for what they can get out of you. I think that you are better off out of it. Try not to dwell on it.
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what if she killed someone?
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Originally Posted by fwan
what if she killed someone?
sorry but
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Originally Posted by fwan
what if she killed someone?
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im being serious here
What if she poisoned someone so they threw up and when they died they urined on the sheets. It makes sense doesnt it? (currently studying Legal studies)
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Well, I've found that a good number of the people that are always TALKING about how much they go to church tend to act the least Christ-like (IMO). But anyway....I second everyone else's emotion....EWWWWWWWWW.
Are you going to do/say anything to the nasty lady??
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I would have had SUCH A FIT! Good for you for having some self control, cause I would have definitely confronted her, and it wouldn't have been perty!
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What a PIG! (sorry, pigs). Is there anyone else that could have done it? I don't get it at all. To destroy your belongings like that in such a discusting manner and then LEAVE THEM THERE FOR YOU TO SEE??? Yuck!
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Originally Posted by fwan
im being serious here
What if she poisoned someone so they threw up and when they died they urined on the sheets. It makes sense doesnt it? (currently studying Legal studies)
Or maybe some extreme acts of S&M were indulged in?
At any rate, the whole situation sounds very abnormal, and it'd probably be best not to have any more contact with her.
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Oh my freakin' god!!! Confront her for your own sake to put some answers to it and demand an explanation until you get one. I sense she has some incredibly deep-rooted problems and is a walking time-bomb.....ready to explode in yet a different way!
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Wouldn't that type of behavior fall into the "passive-aggressive" category?
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How disgusting. I agree with others on the board - you should've demanded an explanation. How can people be so disgusting. Anyways he should've asked your permission before using your things.
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She is not returning my calls, and has not been at the business. I still have a key, and it still works. I have not decided what to do yet, but I feel I must do something. I want to talk to her, and not go behind her back and do something, but she may force my hand.
It is completely against our code of ethics to run her business in the manner which she is running it. When she promoted it as a black business, she could have had her license revoked. We are absolutely forbidden to bring race, religion, age, or any other thing that can be construed as discrimination into our practice. She is on disability from the military, collecting SSI, and can keep her business because she is legally blind. Before she found out she could keep it, she asked me to help her find a way to keep it and still get all those benefits, and began to back away from me when I told her that I would only do it if we could find a legal way to do it. I think she wanted me to put the place in my name, and accept the responsibility, (and liability)while she accepted any profits. I told her I would run it for her if she paid my taxes, but she did not like that idea. Everyone kept telling me what a great gal she is, so I tried to tell myself that it was not like it seemed. It apparently was EXACTLY like it seemed, and worse.
I think I may just pull the rug out from under her by turning her in for driving. She is legally blind, and her doctor has told her not to drive. Honestly, I have ridden with her, and she drives ok, but she is not allowed to. It feels like a sneaky, weaselly thing to do, but it is much better than what I really want to do. The longer she does not return my calls, the madder I am getting.
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how can she drive if she is blind?
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Ewwww, that is just too freakin' gross!
I'm sorry that it happened that way for you, that really sucks!

Makes you wonder what goes through people's minds, doesn't it? I mean it's real easy to load a clothes washer, after all. Yuck!

I've noticed that about the so-called-religious folks, myself...pretty odd, isn't it, when you're supposed to be kind to others and do the right things and then they get really hypocritical about it when the situation comes up. There's a bunch of that sort of backstabber here where I live...the nasty underbelly of a lot of rural southern towns.
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Honestly that is just gross, please call the health department!
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Sounds really disgusting, if you suspect her running a house of ill repute, you should report her to the better business bureau, health dept. and the police. As far as the nasty things she did to your sheets...burn them and let it go. I believe you would be much better off if you sever all ties with her.
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