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Why do some people hate cats so much?

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At work we often go outside on our breaks. Yesterday and today, a cat came up to us. The cat is a little gray tom and I think he lives in the area. Almost all the people I was with reacted like a skunk had come up to them. He was a very nice cat, very friendly and affectionate, but he did the normal cat things like rubbing against people and jumping to the top of the picnic table. The people I was with said they didn't care for cats because they shed a lot and get up on things. A couple of people even talked about killing the poor cat.

If a completely strange dog comes up to us when we are outside on break, these same people fall all over themselves petting it. I like both cats and dogs, but I don't handle completely strange dogs. Dogs also shed a lot and can become very destructive inside a house.

Are these people really reacting to the old superstitions about cats? It seems now that cats are better understood, and now that we are in the 21st century, people should become more enlightened.

I was wondering what others thought.
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The people who don't like cats A) Don't understand them and B) have never had any. There are a some knife clients that will come over here and when they do, my cats react very strangely, they get all puffed up, some hide and most steer clear of these people. These people don't like cats it turns out. There was this one lady once, who had just had a perm and Scatter went up on the top of couch walked carefully over to where this woman's head was resting and started sniffing the chemicals. The woman hunched her shoulders up and got all tense like Scatter was using her head for a litter box for crying out loud. I was trying not to laugh when I scooped scatter up and took her to another room. The woman has not been back to "visit" since!
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Some people are cat people and some are dog people. It's that simple. Many years ago, I absolutely hated cats. I thought they were the lowest form of animal life because they climbed on the counters, shed alot, smothered you, wanted attention constantly. I grew up with dogs. And don't get me wrong, I love ALL animals.

8 years ago my life totaly changed. I got my first kitten and from that moment on, I never realized what my life was like without one. I now have 7 and wouldn't want it any other way.

Sounds like the people you work with are DEFINITELY dog people. It's basically ignorance on their part. Give me a cat over a dog anyday. Why? Here are a few good reasons:

1. You don't have to walk a cat 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in rain, snow, sleet.

2. You never hear your neighbors complain about your cat barking.

3. Cats don't slobber and drool all over you ruining your clothes.

4. Cats don't stick their nose in your crotch while you're trying to talk to their owner.

5. Cats are very smart. Dogs are stupid unless trained, and even then it's questionable.

I also forgot to mention that cats CAN and DO sense when they are around people who hate or dislike cats.

Need I say more??

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Some of my friends have allergies to cats, and I try to be sensitive to their needs by keeping the cats off of them....but if someone comes into my home I take the "Love me, love my cat" attitude. I will not banish my cats to the bedroom, or keep them out of the room we are in. It is their home, and if my friends can`t accept that...they don`t have to come around. As it is, most of my friends are cool about cats...even the allergic ones!

I saw a bumper sticker, today that really made me angry It said "so many cats....so few recipes" I was speechless.
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Hilarious Donna! :LOL::laughing2::LOL: Oh, and one more thing, cat's do stuff like this too


PS Tiggytoes, that would've realy pissed me off too, but that's what those jerks are looking for ...a reaction...people rely on sick jokes 'cause they lack true talent to make others laugh.
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I know when I was growing up (I am 24), we didn't have any cats. We had dogs. My dad is allergice to cats. My mom, she likes cats, but prefers dogs to cats. I remember my aunt (my dad's younger sister) coming over last year, not to long after we had gotten Tigger. She can remember when she was a little girl, they had a weird neighbor. She had a doll case, and one day left it outside. When she went to get it, it was heavy. Well, inside was a dead cat ...... Need I say more? Also, my dad said when they were little, they had a little kitten, one that wasn't weaned, and it ended up dying. So, I think it also goes back to people's childhood? Maybe, maybe not. I know when I met my husband, his parents have a cat, Sammy. So, that is how I liked cats. I liked how they rub against you. I also like them because they are independent, yet want attention when they want it.
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When I was living at home we had dogs too, not that anyone hated cats or anything - they were just never considered, I was a "Dog person" all the time I was at home and used to think cats were crappy pets cos they were aloof and independent, I used to think you couldn't cuddle them or fuss them so what was the point of having them?!! What an idiot!! ha ha ha....of course now I know better!!! Ive never had such a cuddly pet as Bod!! None of my dogs ever used to sit on my lap (mind you thats probably because they were all giant dogs ha ha) I too love dogs (especially big ones) and cats but would take a cat over a dog anyday!! (though I may be tempted to have both if the dog was REALLY BIG hee hee) I think alot of it is because cats have a bad rep of being aloof and reserved and if you've never owned one (or been owned by one) you never know how affectionate they really are!!

Ps Cat, that pic cracked me up!!!
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I agree that people who dislike cats really dont understand them.

When I was younger, I used to dislike cats and loved dogs, and it took me quite a few years (and pets) to figure out why.

I'm from a very messed up family, Mom and Dad divorced when I was 2, Dad left and I saw him maybe twice a year, Mom had several breakdowns and was institutionalized, when she wasnt hospitalized, Mom went through a LONG string of alcoholic abusive men, so I lived with my Gramma and Godmother, who were a couple, even though at that time no one talked about it. They were like Felix and Oscar of the Odd Couple, Gramma being Oscar, but they both loved me dearly.

Okay, a bit off track there, but my point is, I think I liked Dogs because they gave love and affection that I felt I was lacking, and they gave it ALL the time. Whereas Cats only gave love when THEY wanted to...and at the time, that really "pissed me off".

I wanted that unconditional love and found myself following my Mothers path, minus the breakdowns and hospitals Thank God.

As I grew older and stronger in myself, I found that independance that cats have, and could understand and relate to them more.

Now I hate to admit it, but the neediness and eagerness of dogs can annoy me. Dont get me wrong, I still like most dogs...but I am definately a Cat Person! (and proud of it!)
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Sorry for my life story!
That all just kinda spilled out there, guess I just felt like sharing.
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Cleo, no prob!!
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I agree Cleo, it is great you can share with us.

And i think you hit on exactly why people don't like cats! Cats are not for people who need a clingy pet. Where i grew up, i guess most people had both cats and dogs (in the country, in New Zealand)but here (Montréal) i am the only person i know who has and loves a cat. And i get it all the time how useless cats are, blah blah blah...usually pointing to how smart dogs are becasue they do tricks!

I am afraid i am not too subtle in pointing out that, that depends on how you define "smart": is a dog smart because it gets love, food and attention for doing tricks, and absolutely worshipping the ground you walk on, or is a cat smart for getting love, food and attention, for doing what it likes and having you worship the ground it walks on

I love all aninmals, including dogs But until you have loved and been loved by a cat, you don`t know what you are missing.

Chee and Breeze
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Amen to that!!


LOVE that cartoon!

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I am both a dog person and a cat person. I tend to respect all life and accept them. I think most people think cats are more aloof and they run when they see strangers. A dog is more likely to follow you. But I love both animals. They are beautiful in their ways.
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I am a furry animal person, as long as it has a pleasant personality and doesn't bite, though I admit to cutting cats way more slack than I do for other animals. {grin}

I think, cat people are more introverts and dog people are more extroverts. Cats can be sociable, but they are generally self-contained. Dogs are pack animals and like to be in groups, though many dogs need their down time too. And of course there are people who keep dogs for protection or cats for their hunting skills.

I've always liked cats, but hubby is just realizing he's a cat person. I got my first cat right after my parents died. I wanted a companion and something to take care of, but not too demanding because I was of course terribly depressed. Cats are great in an apartment or if you like to have weekends away. Hubby just noticed the other day that he says "What a great cat!" about every one we own / have owned. So maybe he just thinks cats are great!

I'd have another greyhound in a minute! They make great pets. And I'd have an adult dog rather than a puppy, just not up for training it.

But it's interesting, isn't it, how people who don't like cats seem to really want to hurt them, while people who don't like dogs seem to just ignore them.

Cleo, thank you for sharing that with us. I think it was very insightful.

Tiggeytoes, I used to have a recipe for Gingered Puppy (eeuw - never made it, just a curiosity) so you might remind the next redneck you see that in other cultures dogs are considered livestock.
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I go through the same thing in my family. My father and my brother both dislike cats. Especily my brother. But they both love dogs as if there the greatest animals on earth. Not to say I don't like dogs. Acualy a love dogs just as much as I love cats.
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Hi Sunlion

I have to disagree, I'm not an introvert and I have nine cats, but who's counting, I know by the end of this year...I'll make it an even ten Most of the people I know that have cats are pretty extroverted, but then again, there's so many types of people, I couldn't generalize.

I really never had a dog for purposes of protection nor have I ever kept a cat for it's hunting qualities. I just look at all of them as "love angels".

However, I do agree that I too love all animals, and cats definitely can do no wrong in my eyes (anything that they do, including tearing the curtains down is classified as cute" :laughing2::laughing2 :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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Lorie D. The thing that really bothers me, is this...

Quote from Lorie D.

A couple of people even talked about killing the poor cat.

I hope you prevent this at all cost. People who think this way about cats make me sick.
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I don't even know how I missed that one...but that truly makes me want to all over them

I agree Deb, that bites!

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ignorance is the root of all evil.
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Well, Catarina, there you go!

I can only speak from my own observations, and sometimes my conclusions are incorrect!

I didn't own my dog for protection either, but I don't consider myself a "dog person" in the sense of preferring dogs over other animals . . .
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On Friday morning when I was at work, the little gray cat was still hanging around outside. One of the people who had talked about killing the cat was throwing rocks at him while we were on our morning break. The person never actually hit the cat, he kept missing. On Friday afternoon the cat was no longer outside and I hope that means the cat has gone back to his home.

Debby and Catarina: I was also upset the most when people talked about killing the cat. It's much worse when you have to actually be with these people. I will definitely do everything I can to prevent the cat from being killed. If there are more problems involving this cat I will let the humane(sp) society know what is going on.
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Lorie, I know you will do all you can, you have a very good heart!
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Hi Lori :angel2:

I know this may sound a bit extreme to you, but if you see someone abusing an animal, you can always make an anonymous call to the police and file a report. This is not an activity that people should get away with. Most often than not, people that abuse animals have deep seeded problems within their sick minds and can go on to hurt humans. So, although this may sound a bit extreme to you. It's not! There are so many animals that are brutally tortured that you may not even know about unless you've worked with abuse cases before.

I can honestly say that before I came to TCS I have never seen the abuse that I have since working with various agencies on the net. I particularly work with one that has been a long battle; hopefully in January, this man will be serving time for the felony for killing this cat Justice4Max" (you can click on this site to see Max's WebSite)

Please don't take this lightly, as you have no idea what this man is capable of and I'm sure you wouldn't want to find out that he intends to harm the animal even further than he has now. Throwing rocks at an innocent cat, kitten, dog or any other animal is pathetic and needs to be addressed.

I hope you don't see this behaviour anymore with this person, but if you do, I would take it very seriously if I were you.

Good Luck

Love & Hugs,
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First I want to assure you that I am taking this very seriously. Even before I saw your post, I considered calling the police if it became necessary. The man who threw rocks at the cat does have some problems, he has been in jail, and he is angry about something. Fortunately there have been no further problems involving the little cat, and the cat has not been harmed. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

I went to Max's website. He was such a beautiful cat, and I really hope justice is served on his killer!
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Hi Lori

I'm sorry that you have to be dealing with this type of person at the workplace. It's stressful enough without worrying about these types of incidences. I hope he stays away from the kitty. Ideally I would hope someone would give it a home, but I'm an idealist anyway.

Thanks for stopping by Max's website and I do hope we can get the monster that did that to Max behind bars too!

Take care.

Love & Peace,
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Ok, I've read this thread a hundred times and didn't know whether to post or not. I don't want to get taken the wrong way, ya know?
Anyway, I've decided to post afterall. I am not a catlover by any means. I know, I know, why the heck do I belong to a cat forum then, right???:tounge2:
I love the three cats I have. I love on them, I take good care of them, I treat them well. But I don't think I'd choose to have a cat if in fact my kids didnt' ask me for them. My son who is 5 really wanted a pet, and my husband has grown up with dogs. But with much debate we chose a cat because of the tremendous work a dog requires. Neither my husband or myself really love cats. Although I will say that the three we have now have grown on us!!!!!!!!!!
When you ask why people hate cats, I think I lot of people think of them as "slinky'. You know the picture of a cat pouncing on some unsuspecting person and scaring the daylights out of them. I don't know for sure, but I know a lot of people who don't trust them. My husband also thinks they are "stupid" because you can't train them like you can a dog ( as protection, to track, to follow simple commands).........this doens't mean that he treats ours badly, he just isn't "in love" with them.
Ok, enough rambling. I love my kitties, and I just wanted to voice my opinion on why perhaps others dont feel the same way.
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I don't think any of us catlovers would of quite thought of it that way, thanks.
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Thanks Buttercup for not tearing into me on my response! I was worried people would read it and say "oh, she doesn't like cats, lets ignore her now"............boy, am I paranoid or what??
Seriously though, I hope everyone understands that I do care alot for my kitties.....I guess maybe I just don't go to the legnths that others would when it comes to "cat stuff"........I am just a normal pet owner that tries my best.
Speaking of trying, I am at my wits end with Sunshine trying to sneak out of the house between my feet when I open the door. AARRGGHHHH it is soooooo frustrating!!
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Originally posted by dtolle
I am not a catlover by any means.

My son who is 5 really wanted a pet, and my husband has grown up with dogs. But with much debate we chose a cat because of the tremendous work a dog requires.

dtolle :angel2:

:laughing2 Sure, sure, you're not a cat lover :laughing2...Let me get this straight. You got one, but now you have three? Hmmm?? Somehow your other babies moved in without you noticing! :LOL: I think you're in denial! :laughing2...:LOL::LOL::LOL::laughing2...you're killing me! :laughing2 Too cute!

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Ok, you caught me Cat............I'm a cat lover in DENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha. I love it........just don't tell my husband, ok?????? He'll think I have abandoned him!!!!!!
I think you are right though. Why do I have 3??? Because I love them. There I said it . I LOVE THEM.

Thanks Cat for making me laugh. You are toooooooo much.
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