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Webbed toes!

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Hi everyone...ok, weirdest new adopted stray cat Egon totally has webbed toes on his front paws! It's the cutest thing ever but I was just curious if this is rare or anything. He's just a regular black and white cat with pretty green eyes except for his hilarious toes! He's like a cat-frog! Ha ha!
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I could be wrong, but he sound polydactyl
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I've never heard that before...could you post a picture?
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i'll try ...he's so crazy about people that if you get close with the camera, he shoves his head up against you purring which makes it hard to take a picture! Cutie.
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i luck. I couldn't even get a face shot, he's too affectionate. Anyway, I checked Winston's toes, and I guess Egon's aren't that weird, maybe just longer so the skin between them looks webbing! But anyway, he has strange toes...
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