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Refrigerator Ice Maker

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We have a fridge that has the ice and water dispenser in the door. Every time we go to use it Daisy comes flying into the kitchen (usually sliding into the cabinets 'cause the floor is linoleum.) She'll sit in front of the fridge until we're done getting ice or water and then slowly wander away. She could be anywhere in the house and come running when she hears it. Does anyone elses cat do this?
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No Ox come to the sound of a can opener-I keep on "telling him" its only a can of peas!!
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My Dunkin can hear the printer come on cand before it starts printing he is there in front of it waiting for the paper to come out of it lol
Miniman has a thing for the microwave he will watch it go around like it's amazing
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I should have added that my Basset female will do that when she hears the ice dropping, she just wants 1 to drop on the floor so she can eat it
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We let our cat slide an ice cube around the kitchen a few times when one would accidentally fall on the floor. We seldom let him play with one, but he still comes running when he hears the dispenser.
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i swear a cat i had name aj could hear me open his kitty food bag and he would be no where i can find and there he is and i had one cat run to the sound of key jingling
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When I had a roommate who brought her Littermaid catbox into the house, both cats would stop and watch the litterbox whenever it would start to scoop. Willow would come downstairs just to see what was happening. I think it's probably just a curious cat thing. They want to see what's making that noise.
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Yep Prowler waits for the ice to fall on the floor so she can bat it around until it melts.
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Sophie likes to play with a chocolate biscuit wrapper after you've finished with it.

She can hear the rustling of the paper from upstairs and will run down and sit patiently looking at you until you've finished with it, then tied it in a knot and hand it to her where she puts it in her mouth and wanders off either back upstairs or in the kitchen to bat it about.

Here she is with one.
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